LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Another view on turbine issue

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Finally! A local farmer with the chutzpah to defend (Webmaster’s note: Upon reading this, I am not sure “defend” is the best  word to describe the content of this letter. Better words such as “expose”, “challenge”, etc. would be more appropriate.) wind! I applaud Mr. Kirksey for putting his “mouth where his money is!” (Did I get it backward?) But, most importantly, this gives me another opportunity to expose the fallacy that wind is “clean” energy when, after all the hoopla, is merely a tax dodge for the Warren Buffets of the world! Don’t believe me? In his own words “The only reason I invest in wind is for tax purposes.” He, the wind companies, farmers putting a wind turbine on their land and local governments increasing their tax revenue are NOT concerned about “wind” but the government SUBSIDIES associated with it! I have characterized this as “suckling the government teat,” but, contrary to the porcine population, they are NEVER weaned!

“Every turbine results in using less fossil fuel and cuts down on Continue reading LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Another view on turbine issue

Wind and Solar Energy Are Dead Ends

American Thinker

Wind and Solar Energy Are Dead Ends

July 12, 2017

Renewable energy is the way of the future, we are told.  It is inevitable.  Some renewable energy advocates boldly claim that the world could be powered by renewable energy as early as 2030 – with enough government subsidies, that is.  And of course, the mainstream media play their part, hyping up the virtues of solar and wind energy as the solution to climate change.

In one regard, they are quite right: in terms of generational capacity, wind and solar have grown by leaps and bounds in the last three decades (wind by 24.3% per year since 1990, solar by 46.2% per year since 1990).  However, there are two questions worth asking: (i) are renewable energies making a difference, and (ii) are they sustainable?

To answer the first question: No, wind and solar energy have not made a dent in global energy consumption, despite their rapid growth.  In fact, after thirty years of beefy government Continue reading Wind and Solar Energy Are Dead Ends

Wind News – The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming!


Lots going on during the lazy, hazy days of summer.   NextEra experienced four rare “never happens” blade failures within a period of five weeks at different ‘farms’.   Included today is the  coverage of one of those incidents where the blade flew into a neighbor’s corn field, flattened it and destroyed the crop.  The surprised farmer told the news media, “Us farmers, we`re out in the field all the time so hopefully it doesn’t happen again.”  No kidding.  How about “Us rural residents, we’re out in the yard all the time so hopefully it doesn’t happen again?”

After being saturated with fake news about Russian interference with the Presidential election, we now have real news about the Russians funneling money to environmental organizations like the Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, Natural Resources Defense Council, and so forth to fight fracking and advocate for wind and solar.   Huh?  It turns out Russia wants to disrupt the development of US natural gas in order to preserve Europe’s dependency on Russian energy supplies.  We got a chuckle out of Rep. Bill Seitz recently warning his colleagues not to become Continue reading Wind News – The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming!

Rural America Keeps Rejecting Big Wind

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July 18, 2017 by Robert Bryce

Rural America Keeps Rejecting Big WindThe backlash against Big Wind continues. Indeed, entire states are now restricting or rejecting wind projects.

In April, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed a bill that puts an early end to lucrative tax credits that Big Wind was collecting in the Sooner state. The move will save the state about $500 million over the next decade.

In May, the Tennessee legislature passed a ban on new wind projects until July 2018. State legislators took action after Cumberland Mountains residents mounted furious objections to a proposed 23-turbine project that would have been built near the town of Crab Orchard.

On June 30, the North Carolina legislature passed a measure placing a moratorium on the development of new wind projects in the state for 18 months. Continue reading Rural America Keeps Rejecting Big Wind

MidAmerican must refile PTC request for refurbished turbines

In a written order issued Friday, the Iowa Utilities Board agreed with the state Office of Consumer Advocate, part of the Iowa Department of Justice, and technology companies Facebook and Google, all of which challenged MidAmerican’s request on procedural grounds (Energywire, June 14).

The IUB decision was procedural and not based on the merits of MidAmerican’s proposal, which said refurbishing more than 1,000 megawatts of wind turbines would be Continue reading MidAmerican must refile PTC request for refurbished turbines

Wind Turbine Blades: A Toxic Legacy For Centuries to Come – So Much for Saving the Planet

July 15, 2017      by stopthesethings

Nightmare Of Wind Turbine Blade Disposal: 2 New Papers Expose The Environmental Nightmare Of Wind Turbine Blade Disposal

No Tricks Zone
Kenneth Richard
22 June 2017

“If the industry cannot come up with more sustainable manufacturing and disposal processes, public acceptance of wind energy would decline if the public becomes aware of these issues” – Ramirez-Tejeda et al., 2017

Despite an explosion in installed wind capacity since 1990, wind power had achieved just 0.39% of the world’s total energy consumption as of 2013.

Germany has assumed a leading role in promoting the consumption of renewable energy.  And yet even in Germany the share of energy Continue reading Wind Turbine Blades: A Toxic Legacy For Centuries to Come – So Much for Saving the Planet




Now each morning when I awake, I pray and then ask myself, “What have I done?”

I am involved with the BlueSky/Greenfield wind turbine project in N.E. Fond du Lac County. I am also a successful farmer who cherishes his land. My father taught me how to farm, to be a steward of my fields, and by doing so, produce far better crop production. As I view this year’s crops, my eyes feast on a most bountiful supply of corn and soybeans. And then my eyes focus again on the trenches and road scars leading to the turbine foundations. What have I done?

In 2003, the wind energy company made their first contacts with us. Continue reading WHAT HAVE I DONE?

Greenwich! Read the plight of a Van Wert wind farm victim…

Webmaster’s Note: If you have ever driven Ohio SR 30 you cannot help but notice the invasion of hundreds of acres of farmland being consumed by these inefficient monstrosities. Believe it or not, they still want to add even more! That’s why it is so important to keep up our local Greenwich resistance now…it is naive of us to think that it would be any different here than in Van Wert! The wind industry is a greedy, cancerous disease that leaves whatever it touches in a wake of ruined health (both human and wildlife), property values, and rural community relationships while failing miserably as a legitimate source of uninterrupted power!

Wind Turbine Industry In Rural Ohio

Before you believe what the sales teams try to sell, read this account:

My name is Brenda DeLong and I am a resident and property owner in Van Wert County. I live in the Blue Creek Wind project. I do not have any wind turbines on my property, but yet they affect my life by trespassing on my property. I built my home 13 years ago on my parent’s farmland thinking I could enjoy peace and quiet as a country home should be.

Saturday, I was in Dublin viewing a home my son and his wife are buying. As we stood on the deck Continue reading Greenwich! Read the plight of a Van Wert wind farm victim…

It would have to be the most disreputable industry (Wind) I have ever seen

At the risk of sounding like a cracked record, I say it again, how can the pro wind mob and Finkel said it as well, how do they seriously believe that wind turbines can power this country?

The evidence is in the graphs below and this has been the pattern for most of June, how many multi million dollars worth of batteries do we need to back up wind power, just to keep the lights on, let alone power anything else?

The wind turbines would never keep the batteries charged up anyway.

I have never seen so much stupidity in my lifetime, as I am seeing now with this renewable energy debacle.

I am not saying we shouldn’t be using more renewable energy, but it should have been phased in gradually with strict rules and regulations applied, particularly to the wind industry.

It would have to be the most disreputable industry I have ever seen.

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June 16 at 6:50pmPublic

Current News–Have a great Fourth! Celebrate America!


It was a busy week with lots to report.

  • The Ohio Senate’s effort led by Sen. Cliff Hite to restore setback measurement from homes rather than property lines was removed from the budget bill.  The legislation would have also repealed rules requiring grandfathered projects seeking amendments to adhere to property line setbacks.   This issue will return soon either as stand-alone legislation or in connection with another bill.  While Senators are home in their districts over the holiday weekend, try to catch them for a conversation about supporting your property rights.

Continue reading Current News–Have a great Fourth! Celebrate America!

Couldn’t Have said it any better….!

Good commentary from one of our members page:

“Are you people serious? The free market? If you believe in the free market you can’t believe in taking 30% of the total subsidy pie from the American taxpayer, you can’t believe in the production tax credit (PTC), you can’t believe in the investment tax credit (ITC), you can’t believe in renewable energy credits (REC) in power purchasing agreements, you cannot believe in renewable portfolio standards (RPS) which states have that forces the consumer to buy a product (just like Obamacare), you can’t believe in PILOT which is a tax abatement granted on the backs of the local community, and the uniform clearing price (UCP) construct that allows wind to penetrate the wholesale energy market at deflated true cost (because of all the other tax payer benefits I already Continue reading Couldn’t Have said it any better….!

Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, WindLab…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?