OPSB sets hearing for proposed Seneca Wind Farm




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Ohio Power Siting Board

OPSB sets public hearing for proposed Seneca Wind Farm

COLUMBUS, OHIO (Dec. 7, 2018) – The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) will hold a hearing to allow the public to express their views about Seneca Wind, LLC’s proposal to construct a wind-powered electric generation facility in parts of Seneca County. The local public hearing is scheduled as follows:

Feb. 19, 2019, from 3 to 9 p.m.
Tiffin University – Marion Center
235 Miami St.
Tiffin, Ohio 44883

The proposed Seneca Wind Farm would be situated on Continue reading OPSB sets hearing for proposed Seneca Wind Farm


Time marches on – Chris Zeman

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December 06, 2018

Well, it has been over a year now since our fledgling group, Seneca Anti-Wind Union, was formed. To many people, we are saviors trying to stave off an industrial giant that is trying to wreck what we all hold dear and true in our lives — our home and property. On the other side of the fence is the disgust and angst that has been created by what can only be described as “a rift” in our community.

At the very bottom of all this lies money, and that is one indisputable fact that can not be argued by anyone. Unfortunately, however, the source of the money is what is at issue and, inevitably, the sacrifices needed to get it.

I have yet to talk to a farmer who legitimately has said they want to see 600-foot-tall imposing structures outside their windows 24 hours a day for 365 days a year over what may be the next 30 years of their lives. However, the folks who own land and live outside of our area could care less, just as long as that check comes in the mail every year. Continue reading Time marches on – Chris Zeman


LTE – There are lies and then there are damn lies…

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In response to Jim Donaldson’s Nov. 27 Letter to the Editor titled “Koch brothers back anti-wind efforts,” I want to offer the following rebuttal.

Right off the top, let’s make it clear that Donaldson couldn’t be further from truth with his baseless allegations. I want it to be clear that there has been zero funding provided to Seneca Anti-Wind Union from Continue reading LTE – There are lies and then there are damn lies…


Local wind energy project faces opposition

Dozens of people attended the Seneca Anti-Wind Union’s meeting on the Emerson Creek Wind Project in Erie and Huron counties on Monday, Dec. 3, at the Bellevue VFW. — Register photo/MICHAEL HARRINGTON

Michael Harrington  /  Sandusky Register Staff Reporter

BELLEVUE — The debate surrounding local wind energy pits neighbor against neighbor.

That’s what Chris Bauer, a Bellevue resident who is part of the Seneca Anti-Wind Union, said about the proposed plans for the Emerson Creek Wind Project in Erie and Huron counties.

“We moved up here two and half years ago and found out we had wind turbines going through our neighborhood … We got prepared, got educated and now we are here fighting the Emerson Creek Project in Huron County,” Bauer said. Continue reading Local wind energy project faces opposition


Ohio wind-energy setback reform equates to jobs: Matt Dolan (Opinion)

Webmaster’s Note: Enter one urban dwelling liberal ( I know, I know..he’s a Republican [actually IMHO, a RINO] ) who embraces and desires to thrust a very flawed technology onto the rural masses. Like so many, Mr. Dolan can’t seem to get past $ signs and the first four pages of a wind developer’s sales brochure for his “facts”. An excellent rebuttal to Dolan’s opinion piece by Jeremy Kitson of Van Wert follows below, you’ll want to read both this article and especially Mr. Kitson’s rebuttal!

Our military leaders are asking for it. Our business leaders are begging for it. Our citizens are demanding it. Now is the time to put forth common-sense energy policies in Ohio, starting with wind-setback reforms, writes Matt Dolan.

Source: Ohio wind-energy setback reform equates to jobs: Matt Dolan (Opinion)


Senator Dolan Rebuttal / Jeremy Kitson

         Jeremy Kitson                  Citizens  for Clear Skies

This editorial is a direct response to Senator Matt Dolan’s piece on energy policy that was recently in the Plain Dealer.  Senator Dolan is clearly a proponent of the blatant theft of people’s health, safety, property rights and value  with SB 238.  The reason it should be called theft is that his bill wants to site industrial wind turbines to people’s homes over their property lines.  Rural Ohioans live in communities that are zoned agricultural-residential.  Nothing about the rural community is zoned industrial.  That is why Senator Dolan and the wind lobby love calling them wind “farms” or they are “harvesting” the wind. Continue reading Senator Dolan Rebuttal / Jeremy Kitson


Could you and your family live with these industrial turbines right next to your house?

Blackwater Wind Aware

Could you and your family live with these industrial turbines right next to your house, your childrens’ bedrooms, play equipment and garden? Would you expect your family, friends or neighbours to live like this? Peoples lives matter, their health matters, their sanity matters. 
WHAT THIS VIDEO CANNOT CONVEY IS: noise, infrasound, property devaluation, poor mental and physical health and quality of life.
Please share and tag friends and family if you agree this is NOT acceptable for human beings to live beside, anywhere in the world.


Apex Under the Radar?

Under The Radar (@utrmemphis) | Twitter

Senate President Larry Obhof surprised the caucus this week by naming Senator Steve Wilson (R-Maineville) as Chair of the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Media reports noted “I look forward to Steve’s leadership of this committee,” said Obhof. “He has proven himself a hard-working, thoughtful, solution-oriented leader, and he understands the importance of developing a long-term energy policy that provides affordable options for Ohioans and protects our natural resources.” Wilson was appointed to the Ohio Senate in 2017 and was elected to his first term in 2018. Continue reading Apex Under the Radar?


Sierra Club joins Big Wind Bullies at Apex, Diminishing our Environment – Master Resource

“Today’s Sierra Club has strayed so far from [John] Muir’s original mission of protecting life and our natural environment it is unbelievable. We are greatly saddened to see the Sierra Club (a group many of us used to support) now lobbying for the destruction of vast swaths of rural America with industrial wind sprawl,…” Sierra Club founder, John …

Source: Sierra Club joins Big Wind Bullies at Apex, Diminishing our Environment – Master Resource


Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, Swift Energy…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?