Budweiser’s 100% Renewable Energy Start: Two Death Projects – Master Resource


“It’s time for Anheuser-Busch to shed its superficial ‘green’ veneer and take corrective action to reverse the harms its wind purchases have caused. This includes publicly abandoning the ‘100% renewable energy’ goal which, if continued, is certain to bring more, and greater international destruction.” The latest in corporate virtue signaling comes courtesy of Budweiser with …

Source: Budweiser’s 100% Renewable Energy Start: Two Death Projects – Master Resource

Seneca Wind – OPSB Public Hearing – We NEED You, July 23; July 25 —Sandusky County Commissioners discuss the AEZ

An important hearing will take place on Tuesday, July 23–OPSB sets hearing for proposed Seneca Wind Farm.

On Thursday, July 25, the Sandusky County Commissioners will discuss continuing or rescinding the Alternative Energy Zone in Sandusky County.

Your presence at each of these critical meetings is important!!!

Seneca Wind – OPSB Public Hearing

This meeting is without a doubt the most important meeting to date Continue reading Seneca Wind – OPSB Public Hearing – We NEED You, July 23; July 25 —Sandusky County Commissioners discuss the AEZ

Sustaining nuclear starts with you

Nuclear Matters
Things are heating up.

As the 2020 election cycle gets started, all eyes are on the hopeful Democratic candidates. And a key part of this year’s debates? Climate change. As you learn about each candidate’s platform, we encourage you to take a hard look at who has included nuclear energy in their plans.

Keep cool this summer.

Whether you’re taking on the great outdoors or prefer the air-conditioned comfort of your home, nuclear energy is helping to provide you with clean air and reliable energy all summer long. That’s why it’s important that we make sure our nuclear reactors can continue operating for many summers to come. Second license renewals (SLRs) help ensure that nuclear plants across the country can continue to operate safely for another 20 years.


Take Action

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Wind News – Keeping the Pressure On!

Mark Twain once said, “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”     That might sum up how some members of the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee view the “Reineke Referendum.”  Chairman Wilson has said that the Senators “have determined they have too little time to adequately vet the language” of the referendum.  This was in response to testimony from Seneca County’s Dr. Zach West who charged that “The current bill makes it abundantly clear that this body is willing to yet again place the interests of corporations and their lobbyists above the interests of Continue reading Wind News – Keeping the Pressure On!

SAWU We’ve only just begun our fight!!!

We are NOT done fighting yet!!

As we posted yesterday the new version of HB-6 has stripped “Reineke’s Referendum” from the bill.

Today, Thursday, June 27th at 1:30 PM the committee will re-convene on HB-6 and we need to encourage Senators on the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee to re-insert the referendum back into the bill.

Please take 10-15 minutes and call these nine Senators on that Continue reading SAWU We’ve only just begun our fight!!!

SAWU ALERT: Your Phone Calls Are NEEDED!!!

We have heard from several sources that a new revised HB-6 will be introduced tomorrow in the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee. We have also heard that this version will most likely NOT include Rep. Reineke’s Referendum in the bill. This is why we need your help TODAY! A flood of phone calls to these Senators may be our only chance to make a difference.

Very powerful, sad, and unfortunately very true. A must read for all folks in our area and other areas where industrial wind turbine projects are/have been developed

Angry is Just Sad’s Bodyguard

Sunday, June 23, 2019

I spent this morning hanging laundry on the line to dry and then beginning some overdue repairs on the wooden kitchen storm door. The chance to add a little of myself to this house’s long history has always brought me pleasure. It’s nice to look down as I type and see window glazing under my fingernails.

The memories recorded in the entries on this blog are probably the best tool I have to convey what this home means to me and my family; the relationships and memories that I treasure about this place, and the hopes I have for a future here. I have started this post multiple times in the past 15 months, but have never yet found words to convey what I want to say. Even if I do share the words I write today they will inevitable fall short of everything I want to say.

We found out in late March of 2018 that the Einsel House is in the Continue reading Very powerful, sad, and unfortunately very true. A must read for all folks in our area and other areas where industrial wind turbine projects are/have been developed

Ohio Supreme Court deals a blow to Greenwich Neighbors United

In a 4-3 decision, the OSC ruled the OPSB was within its authority to consider an amendment to the Huron County Greenwich Windpark project not subject to the setback legislation passed in 2014. Chief Justice O’Connor said  “amendment” has a specific statutory meaning for wind energy permits and did not apply to Greenwich’s request.”   However, in a dissenting opinion, the minority asserted Continue reading Ohio Supreme Court deals a blow to Greenwich Neighbors United

OPSB seeks public comments on proposed wind rules

Ohio Power Siting Board


OPSB seeks public comments on proposed wind rules

COLUMBUS, OHIO (June 20, 2019) –The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) today issued proposed rules applicable to wind-powered electric generation facilities in Ohio Administrative Code 4906-4-09.

The OPSB initiated this rulemaking proceeding to investigate whether to adopt a rule requiring turbine operators to report turbine incidents. The OPSB seeks comments on the proposed rules from members of the public and industry stakeholders by July 11, 2019 and reply comments by July 26, 2019. The OPSB also seeks comments on a proposed revision to its rules to make explicit that turbine operators adhere to local building codes.

In other business, the OPSB granted the request of Black Fork Wind Energy, LLC to relinquish its certificate to construct up to 91 wind turbines with a combined generating capacity of 200 megawatts in Crawford and Richland counties.

Additional information about today’s OPSB decisions is available at OPSB.ohio.gov. A copy of today’s entry seeking comments is available in case 19-778-GE-ORD.

For additional information, contact: Matt Schilling | (614) 466-7750

***URGENT***HB6 Senate Hearings

Good afternoon, I understand this is a late notice, however we just learned Saturday that there are hearings scheduled this Wednesday at 2:00 PM in Columbus at the Senate Finance Committee Hearing room for HB6. HB6 is an energy bill that among other things contains important provisions for the ability to get a referendum vote for “economically significant wind projects over 20 MW”. This provision would allow local residents to gather signatures from a percentage of residents
in an affected Township in order to get a wind project approved or not through a vote- this obviously would follow Ohio Power Siting Board approval. HB6 has passed the Ohio House and is now in the State Senate. The Senate has a major wind proponent sitting on this committee, it is Kurt Dolan of Chagrin Falls, OH. It is feared that Mr. Dolan will remove the referendum vote language from HB6 because it has such a high chance of passing (HB6). On Wednesday, the plan is that there will be a resident from several Counties in Ohio that Continue reading ***URGENT***HB6 Senate Hearings

As the Senate proceeds to consider how to deal with HB 6, one issue is whether to narrow the focus in order to gain Senate support.  That would likely mean that the local referendum language would be stripped out of the bill. House members would object to such changes and continue to stress the bill is a “package”.  Of course, Sen. Dolan would surely be in favor of eliminating the referendum language.  Testimony for remaining supporters of the bill will be heard on Wednesday, June 19 at 2:00 pm in the Senate Finance Hearing Room.   We have a number of individuals who will either provide written or oral testimony.

During Sponsor testimony last week, Chairman Wilson asked Rep. Callender to prioritize the various elements of the bill.  “”It’s a jobs bill. It’s a subsidy bill. It’s an energy standards change. It’s an energy efficiency change…. Because we’re going to have to set some things aside, would you prioritize for me those things?”   Rep. Callender declined.     Continue reading

The fight is not over! HB 6 needs your support!

The last few weeks have shown a lot of progress in the fight for Ohio’s clean energy jobs. HB 6 passed in committee and then passed in the Ohio House. We couldn’t have done any of that without your hard work, dedication, and your voice. You called in and wrote to your representatives urging them to support the Ohio Clean Air Program and it paid off!

However, this fight is not over. The bill is now under consideration in the Ohio Senate and we need everyone in our community to take action! Please click below to call your State Senator and ask them to support HB 6.

If you’ve already called your Senator and want to help out further, forward this email to at least one friend and get them to call in.

We thank you for your unwavering support, commitment, and engagement throughout this whole fight. Our work is not done, but we are humbled by your support thus far.

The Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance

PS: For further updates on the fight to pass HB 6 and protect Ohio’s clean energy jobs, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

🌬 Huffing and Puffing Everywhere 💨

As the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee gears up for its first hearing on HB 6, the opposition is flooding the print media with articles and opinion pieces that argue against the provisions of the bill, advocate for closing the nuclear plants and reducing wind turbine setbacks.   An assortment of articles is provided below.  You are encouraged to click on the links and post comments on these stories. Do not let the opponents and the wind lobby win the PR war!  They need to be challenged!  If you feel  comfortable, write letters to the Editor of major papers.  We draw your attention to a letter in the Dispatch from Sam Gerhardstein of Marysville that reflects support for the local referendum provision of HB 6.   Supporting comments on letters like this are important too.  Most of the papers require the comments to be made via Facebook.  

In a disgusting turn of events, the Icebreaker Wind developer, LEEDCo, is asking senators for a portion of the funding that would Continue reading

🌬 Huffing and Puffing Everywhere 💨

Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, Swift Energy…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?