From: Heidi Johnson

Results from the hearing today in Columbus –

There were well over 100 yellow shirts at the hearing today. It was a wonderful showing of support against the setbacks. 20 very passionate testimonies were heard!!

Our job now is to pray for the Senators hearts to be softened so that they will vote to protect our health and properties. The hearing can be accessed on the Ohio Senate website.

This affects all of Ohio. Shari Sweda who is running against Nathan Manning for the Senate has come once again in support of our cause. She will be in the Firemans Festival parade on Greenwich.


Sound (and light) reasons to tilt at windmills

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LOCAL COLUMNS / June 02, 2018

We interrupt this normally ground-based column to bring you a special report from the top of a wind turbine. What am I doing on a wind turbine, you ask reasonably? Is it a publicity stunt? Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? Is it just a really hot day and I want to be as close as possible to a very large fan?

Before my mom starts worrying that her son is perched with his laptop hundreds of feet in the air next to a spinning blade of death, let me reassure her that this particular turbine is a literary device to set the mood, and that I am in fact seated on a safely boring chair. Though of course, too much sitting is also bad for your health (sitting is the new smoking, I hear).

Do you know what else is bad for your health? Giant windmills. You Continue reading Sound (and light) reasons to tilt at windmills


Shared here because what happens in Seneca County will affect Huron County!!

Seneca Anti-Wind Union

ISSUE: Our growing grassroots volunteer organization NEEDS YOUR HELP!



Are you concerned about the proposed industrial wind projects in YOUR neighborhood?

Do you want to take a more active role in helping us achieve our mission to preserve our rural settings, wildlife, property values, and overall quality of life in the beautiful scenic settings in which we live and work?

After an ENORMOUS response to our public information meeting in Attica on May 31st and the feedback we have gotten from so many concerned residents, we have learned our organization currently has a problem. And it’s a Continue reading Shared here because what happens in Seneca County will affect Huron County!!


Wind Lobby Tries to Confuse On-Site Corporate Wind with Rural Developments

Moving into the summer, if hearings are to be held on wind turbine setbacks, they will need to take place in June. We have not yet been advised of a hearing on Sub. HB 114 in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources but have been promised to be advised in a timely manner.  Tomorrow night, wind warriors in Seneca County will be holding an information session at 7:00 p.m. at the Attica Fairgrounds.   We understand that Greenwich Neighbors United attorney, Sam Randazzo, and Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition Executive Director Kevon Martis will both be on hand to speak. Everyone who can is encouraged to attend.  Seneca County is emerging as a critical area for public advocacy.

Note the map printed below.  District 01 is represented by Senator McColley and District 12 is represented by Senator Matt Huffman.   Senate District 26, comprising seven counties is represented by Senator David Burke.   If Senator Burke’s constituents could bring him on board to give the people he represents a voice in wind Continue reading Wind Lobby Tries to Confuse On-Site Corporate Wind with Rural Developments


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR / Is it worth $65 per person?

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May 31, 2018

If you are like most people in the area, you are just beginning to hear the noise surrounding the wind farms proposed to come into Seneca County. You have heard that the schools will get money from them and you are all for helping the schools, and you hear some of your trusted leaders supporting them, so you figure, “Sure, why not do windmills?”

Well, let’s first analyze the money part of it, because that is the big reason being put before us to build them, the money for schools, local government, libraries, local fire departments, mental health, etc. The story being told is the 400 megawatt total output of the projects will bring in $9,000 per megawatt X 400mw X 30 years = $108 million. WOW, you say! Let’s go for it! While it is very difficult to picture how big a 600-foot-tall turbine really is, it seems obvious $108 million is a TON of money, right? But that number is the “magnified” amount. To see it in true perspective, take one year’s worth of it, $3.6 million, divide by the population of Seneca County Continue reading LETTERS TO THE EDITOR / Is it worth $65 per person?


Big Wind has big plans

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May 28, 2018

Big wind has big plans for Seneca County. There are now at least four possible wind farms that would cover almost the entire eastern half of the county. If these projects all go forward, more than 200 industrial wind turbines could cover Adams, Pleasant, Reed, Scipio, Thompson, Venice, Eden and Bloom townships.

There is growing concern among non-participating property owners that this potential change in our environment may cost us the peaceful enjoyment of our own homes, diminished property values, and even our potential health and safety. If you haven’t already Continue reading Big Wind has big plans


Introducing New Site added to GNU side menu!

No Windcatcher
May 8 

What is Wind Catcher?
Wind Catcher is a proposed $4.5 billion power project that is facing growing opposition in the State of Oklahoma. The massive electric utility conglomerate AEP is proposing to build giant 765 Kv power transmission lines through Mounds and Bixby to sell electricity to Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. AEP is rushing through approval of this project with State authorities to have the lines operational by the end of 2020 to gain lucrative tax credits from the Federal Government. This would be Continue reading Introducing New Site added to GNU side menu!


Need a new sign?  


Connie Oney will be ordering more “Stop the Wind Turbine” signs, so if you want one, contact any of the GNU members or send us an email to our website by clicking on the “Contact Us!” button at the top of the page to get yours ordered.


Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, WindLab…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?