Another German Offshore Wind Park Loses Millions As Installation Costs Soar, Wind Forecast Overestimated

Another German Offshore Wind Park Loses Millions As Installation Costs Soar

 January / 16 / 2018

By P Gosselin  for NoTricksZone

The online here reports of mores woes in the German offshore wind industry. It’s turning out the offshore wind power is expensive, and often plagued by technical difficulties.

The offshore Trianel Borkum wind park severely hampered by spiraling costs, lower than expected winds. Photo credit: Trianel

Just days ago I wrote here of another recent technical folly suffered by the North Sea Riffgat wind park, where its power transmission underwater cable worked its way out of the seabed to become exposed and thus at risk of becoming ensnarled with anchors or fishing nets.

“Rosy wind projections”

The now writes of “high losses” incurred by aanother nearby wind park: the Trianel Windpark operated by Rhönenergie. This is “not surprising” to FDP Free Democrats Party Chairman Mario Klotzsche:

We brought up our concerns again and again in the committees, and also in public, because the economic precariousness was foreseeable at a very early stage. That’s why the city of Flensburg left the project already in 2014. That’s what we also wish to do so that Rhönenergie can avoid getting saddled with additional burdens.”

Offshore installation costs more than doubled

A major reason for the losses seen by the Trianel Borkum park today, according to Klotzsche, were the “rosy wind projections”, which he reports was also the case for “many other wind projects“. He is quoted in the

Originally 80 turbines with 400 megawatts of capacity should have been installed for 1 billion euros. In the end only 40 turbines and 200 megawatts of capacity were built for 1.1 billion euros.”

Multiple delays

Klotzsche also spoke of “repeated delays” with respect to hook up to the power grid, and even after the park was put into operation.

Moreover, the wind that were projected never materialized. “There was less wind than what was assumed,” according to Klotzsche. “The responsible persons calculated the project using rosy numbers.”

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