This meeting is a MUST attend!!!
It is time to make another BOLD STATEMENT to Big Wind and our Politicians!!!
State Rep. Bill Reineke will kick off the meeting talking about this all important issue and what he has done and will plan to do to represent us on the State level!! Following Mr. Reineke we will have Seneca County Commissioner Mike Kerschner talking about what he has done and will plan do to represent us with this issue on the county level!!! 
Once Mr. Reineke and Mr. Kerschner finish speaking we will open the floor to Greg Smith (SAWU member) who will have a new tailored PowerPoint presentation that you will NOT want to miss. Greg will cover the basics but will have many updates in the presentation to keep you up to date. 
In addition to our speakers and presentations we will have yard signs, brochures and information, up to date maps, our 591ft tall 1/64th scale working model turbine on display, t-shirt order forms, and other items.
We need to pack the house because the TV crews, newspapers, and other forms of media will be in attendance covering the meeting and we will be in the spotlight. Our movement has reached a fever pitch and we are getting real attention locally, at the state level, and even nationally. Now is the time to get involved and do what you can do to make a REAL DIFFERENCE!!! Our goal is to outdo our attendance that we had at our Attica Meeting of 550 people. Tell your friends, neighbors about the meeting and bring all of them!!
One thing is certain if we roll over and do nothing these industrial wind turbine projects WILL happen but if we FIGHT we can and will STOP them!!!
See you there, SAWU