Enormous support for heat burning against wind power – Norway

There was burning in several places on Frøya on Wednesday evening. Here from Titran. PHOTO: Stian Pachov

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Burning Titran Stian Pachov Wind Power 5
There was burning in several places on Frøya on Wednesday evening. Here from Titran. PHOTO: Stian Pachov.
Enormous support for heat burning against wind power
The seed initiative with heat burning against wind power has spread to all of Norway. Next week, around 100 places in Norway will be participating in the mark against wind power development in untouched nature.

On Tuesday, October 8, it will be clear of wind burning against wind power throughout Norway. The initiative comes from the national organization Motvind. They gather wind power resistance throughout Norway, and are now inviting a magnificent mark.

They will use an old Norwegian custom, fire burning, as a symbolic act to alert serious national danger.

– There is tremendous support for the event throughout Norway. This shows that several have woken up and are upset by the developments we are seeing, ”says Eskil Sandvik in No to wind turbines at Frøya.

– It totally takes off, he says.

– Amazing to be a part of this

The action group at Frøya organized the first fire in March 2019. Then they were surprised that their match reached places all over Norway. This time, the list of confirmed wildfires is much longer.

Now there are over a hundred registered fires that will extend from north to south in the country.

– It’s amazing to be a part of this. We get a lot of feedback that it is we who started the resistance in the form it is now. We have made a difference. It feels good, says Sandvik.

– We would urge everyone to light the wards on Tuesday. This is how we show that we are against wind turbines in untouched nature, he says.

Are you passionate about nature?

The Motvind organization works to give the wind industry headwinds from all directions. On Tuesday, October 8, they show it by igniting clues to alert them of the threatening threat:

– 40 years after the battle for the Alta-Kautokeino waterway, we are now marking opposition to the fact that nature all over the country is given to the wind industry against the will of the people. The rebellion that started at that time is a unified Norwegian people’s struggle now, explains Irene Njå Gjellestad in Motvind’s Facebook event.

– 13 large natural areas are threatened by wind power development through the proposal for a national framework, and our goal is to burn worthwhile in everyone. Join lighting fires to alert you to the dangers that are threatening, she urges.

Gather in the Ness Valley

The first time No to wind turbines at Frøya arranged incineration, there was a mark on both Titran, Nesset, Fillingsneset, Dyrøya, Klubben and Uttian.

This time, wind power opponents gather at one point; in the Ness Valley.

– We center it to where our fight is this time. It’s in the Nessa Valley. We hope to gather many for a common mark just off the wind power area on Frøya, says Lene Dahlø Skarsvåg in No to wind power plants on Frøya.

– We have to build a big bonfire. It should be displayed. Everyone is welcome to participate, says Eskil Sandvik.
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