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Happy New Year! 😀

Successful, happy people typically have the wise habit of periodically stepping-back to get a broader perspective as to what’s going on in their life, and society in general.

Since we are now not only beginning a New Year, but also a New Decade, it seems that doing such a careful analysis is strongly advisable.

You’ll have to decide about the pros and cons of your own life, but here is my perspective as to what is societally going on — what I’m calling the Big Picture

On the one hand, a competent review of the last ten years would indicate that a LOT of good things have transpired. I’ve seen no better summary of this progress than:

We’ve Just Had the Best Decade in Human History. Seriously!

Please read that carefully so that you have a strong understanding of that unpublicized (and accordingly, not popularly appreciated) reality.

Based on the facts, the logical conclusion is that global citizens should be experiencing widespread happiness, satisfaction, and enthusiasm for the future.

Is that the case? Generally NO.

Well why not? Because we still have good and evil.

For example, there are diabolical, well-connected parties who have a lust for power. Citizen contentment is a major obstacle to their taking over control of the planet. The most effective way they can get people to want to change, is to make them unhappy with the way things are now…

To deal with substantial good news, their strategy is to resort to three proven tactics:

a) instill fear into the masses,
b) undermine the pillars of the current, successful society, and
c) sow societal discord.

Consider that the leader of the free world is under an intense, incessant, coordinated attack — including removal from office — primarily because of his policies.

The subversives are leaving no stone unturned to try to make the public afraid of him and his policies (e.g. his rightfully withdrawing from the Paris sham).

They claim that they are opposed to his “lying,” but the reality is that they are actually angered by the swamp-exposing truths that he has said.

His opponents — actually OUR opponents — are also:

1 -Willfully eroding the Judeo-Christian principles that our society was built on.
2 – Purposefully corroding our democratic form of government (a Republic).
3 – Aggressively diluting our academic system (to produce propagandized lemmings).
4 – Consciously sabotaging true Science (as it is a barrier to their agendas).
5 – Knowingly subverting our economic system (Capitalism).
6 – Deliberately undermining our Electric Grid (the foundation of our economy and national security).

What’s even worse, in all of these campaigns, these parties have no apparent standards (note #1 above) regarding truth, fairness, rights, freedoms — yet they speciously claim the moral high ground!

As mentioned, one of their main strategies for pulling off their political agenda is to sow divisiveness and discord — so that we fight among ourselves.

In this vile effort they are pitting: men vs women, whites vs minorities, young vs old, wealthy vs not-so-much, hard workers vs entitlement advocates, citizens vs immigrants, traditional religions vs secular religion, etc., etc.

Once one fully understands these attacks, it should be very clear that we are in the biggest war ever experienced in history.


In the face of such adversity, it may seem that nothing YOU do will make any real difference. That is yet another lie they are feeding us, so don’t buy it! The truth is what Margaret Meade insightfully said:

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

A less well-known insight she also wrote:

“Prayer does not use up artificial energy, doesn’t burn up any fossil fuel, doesn’t pollute.”

My recommendation is to be aware of what is going on, and then consciously oppose the efforts of those who wish to bring us down, e.g. by actively supporting:

1 – the Judeo-Christian principles that our society was built on (e.g. more love and unity, less hate and alienation),
2 – our democratic form of government (a Republic),
3 – our academic system (to produce critical-thinking graduates),
4 – real Science (which is apolitical by definition),
5 – our economic system (while working to make it better), and
6 – our Electric Grid (by not allowing any alternative energies on it that haven’t been scientifically proven to be a NET societal benefit).

By doing all that you will be doing the Right Thing.

The world may (or may not) change because of your efforts, but your positive actions will assure you and yours of having a genuinely Happy New Year, and New Decade.


john droz, jr.
physicist & citizen advocate