Have you written your letter?

Have you written your letter?

SB 234 summary and bill:
Entire Bill – http://search-prod.lis.state.oh.us/…/gen…/bills/sb234/IN/00…

Bill Analysis – https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/download…


Dennis Schreiner

To all of my Ohio Friends – a letter written by my wife.

There is a bill in the Ohio senate that is currently open to receive public testimony that affects everyone living in the state of Ohio. You need to be paying attention this bill.

It is senate bill (SB 234). It is for a referendum to allow people in local townships to vote on electrical generating facility development in their township. It is for all future development of projects proposed anywhere in the state. The votes will be by townships as needed. This vote gives a voice to every one involved both those in favor of a project or those opposed.

Several years ago, the wind developers managed to get local zoning laws exempted from development projects. Clean energy electric generating development companies are private for-profit corporations NOT government utilities. Many are foreign owned or owned by investment brokers. They don’t have to play by the same rules as other private corporations. The removal of local zoning laws severely impacted the ability of people to control the development of their community.

This bill returns local control to the people. It is designed to give a voice to both sides, both for or against. It is for the entire state of Ohio and all future projects.

No one is against the development of clean energy. We want responsible development and responsible siting of where the facilities are located. We must make sure that they do not damage that which they are supposed to protect.

We need your help! Members of the Senate energy committee sponsoring this bill need to know what you think about the right to vote and have local control. It does not have any bearing on the passing or denial of any project. Only our right to have a voice.

Your voice can heard by writing a letter stating your position for or against this bill. Timing is crucial. The vote on the bill is coming up soon. People from our community will be traveling to Columbus to give testimony on your behalf. My husband will hand carry these important letters and submit them directly to the committee handling this bill so that your letter will be entered into the public record guaranteeing that it will be read.

Your letter must be original, not a preprinted form letter, and must have a SIGNED signature. The letter can be all hand written or typed then printed and signed. Keep it simple. Just a few sentences will do. This is not expert testimony. It is the voice of the people, your voice, your position. Most likely you have several people in your household. Each of them has their own voice. Have them submit a letter also. Contact neighbors and friends and ask them to contribute a letter so that they can be heard. Our senators need to know what you are thinking. It does not matter if you are for or against any current projects. It has nothing to do with the acceptance or rejection of a particular industrial energy project. This bill is for your right to vote!

Letters can be: 1. sent by Email to dwschreiner@gmail.com if you have the ability to scan the signed original. 2. You can mail it or drop it off at 8403 State Route 99, Sandusky, Ohio 44870. DEADLINE is January 22, 2020.
If you have any questions call Dennis Schreiner, (419) 271-4601
Sharon Schreiner
A concerned resident of Groton Township, Erie county, Ohio.