The worst national energy legislation in decades (S.2657) is being negotiated today


Energy Special – 9/28/20

US Citizens:
I rarely send anything on Sunday, but exceptional circumstances are at hand…
The worst national energy legislation in decades (S.2657) is being negotiated today as we are distracted by COVID-19, the Supreme Court, national elections, etc., etc.

1 – Read these two excellent but very different commentaries: one and two.
2 – TODAY contact your US Senator, and insist that they reject any provision or amendment that gives more handouts to wind or solar, and
3 – Publicize this issue by passing on this urgent alert to open-minded associates, social media, national articles, letters to local newspapers, etc.
It may be late in the game, but the pleasingly plump lady has yet to sing.
john droz, jr.
Postscript —
It’s alarming how under-reported this major national energy travesty is.
There is a companion energy bill in the House (the 900± page H.R. 4447 and here) that is also extremely problematic. With little fanfare (and without aggressive opposition from the Right) this bill passed on Friday!  To make clear the degree of extremism we are dealing with: despite getting 900± pages of handouts and unscientific concessions, over a hundred groups objected that H.R.4447 didn’t go far enough!
These bills are headed towards being the most far-reaching, harmful national energy legislation EVER…
So where is the coordinated aggressive opposition from the Right? Despite 100± national Conservative-leaning organizations, there are almost no commentaries about (or campaigns against) this horrific boondoggle!

IMO this is yet another example of the Left out-maneuvering the Right.

We must have the Senate act sensibly – immediately!