Important! Please contact Ohio Senator Manning now!

Ohio Senator Gayle Manning

Webmaster’s Note: House Bill 114 recently past in  the Ohio House of Representatives. It will now go before the Ohio Senate. Last year, Ohio Senator Gayle Manning voted against a similar bill (as did former Representative Terry Boose) that would have changed renewable energy from being mandated to optional goal status thus offering people and businesses a choice whether or not to participate in the more expensive and less efficient “green” energy.  As you already know, whenever government (at any level) begins to “mandate” legislation over people, it ends up ugly (i.e. health care)! Please communicate your voice to Senator Manning encouraging her to vote “for” HB 114 thus making the push to  wind and solar (especially wind) an option as opposed to a mandated “have to”. By clicking on Senator Manning’s picture, you will be directed to her contact page. Please, make sure your voice is heard before it is too late! Thank you for caring for Ohio and our Greenwich community!

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