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Kevon Martis 

Yesterday (5/4/17) at 6:43am ·


I was quoted in the latest issue of MIRS on the Huron County wind referendum. I will not post all of it due to copyright issues. You can subscribe to MIRS for about $2,500 a year. 😉

“One such critic of those wind projects — who will be presenting before the House Energy Policy Committee next week — called the wave of wind-related rejections a “sea change.”

“The bottom line is that wind development is no longer welcome in Michigan’s best wind resource region — the Thumb,” said Kevon MARTIS, head of the Interstate Informed Citizen’s Coalition, Inc., in a statement. “That’s because the most effective ‘anti-wind’ campaign sign is a 50-story tall turbine in the township next door.”

“Martis said voters there faced “massive, wall-to-wall media buys” from DTE and NextEra.

“When the campaign disclosures are revealed, they will show that the people were outspent by a 100 to one,” Martis said, who described his group as a renewable energy watchdog group committed to science-based energy policy. “But the people prevailed by two to one across the county. This is a stunning rebuke to both utilities.” ”

According to Martis, more than 30 local governments have rejected wind-related project proposals since 2009.

“Many, many, many townships and several entire counties have looked at wind and said no to it,” he said. “”

Besides opposition to the local projects in Huron County, Martis also called the votes there a “referendum” on the 15 percent renewable energy “mandate” that was made part of recently enacted energy legislation.

Martis said he and his group want to get rid of the “mandate,” as they think there are smarter, more cost-efficient ways to get clean energy, and he doesn’t think wind is the way to do it. He’ll be presenting on this next week before the House Energy Policy Committee. ”

“We believe wind energy, particularly in Michigan, is a bad economic policy . . . we also know that wind energy is a ridiculously expensive way of reducing emissions from our fossil fuel fleet,” he said.

“Martis predicted DTE “will be running to Lansing” to persuade the Legislature to “seize the right to regulate wind development” from locals and turn it over to a “state bureaucrat,” and pledged that the IICC will fight that “with all our strength.”””

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