Action Alert! Super Bowl Anheuser-Busch Commercial–it’s time to contact Busch!

The pro-wind Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl ad seems to be everywhere!  And Busch needs to hear from you!  
This request is being circulated throughout our network.  Please contact Busch with your views and encourage others do the same. 
The projects being proposed in Seneca County, Ohio, are NOT in the middle of nowhere. Instead these 650 ft tall turbines will be 1330 feet from HOMES.  The ad portrays an image that is just not true.
Indiana Wind Watch received a request for a statement on theBusch ad from a journalist at Indiana University’s new environmental newspaper.  That request and an excellent response letter follows.  IWW has graciously permitted me to share the following with you:  

If you’ve not yet seen the ridiculous pro-wind Super Bowl ad Anheuser-Busch produced, it can be viewed here:

Please e-mail your views to Anheuser-Busch directly by clicking on the link: or call their customer service line at 1 (800) 342-5283 to complain.  
We received request for a statement from Indiana University’s new environmental newspaper about Anheuser-Busch’s pro-wind commercial through a message to our web site, yesterday. It follows: 
Good morning,

My name is Enrique Saenz, and I’m a journalist for Indiana University’s new environmental initiative called the Indiana Environmental Reporter. I was wondering if someone could send me a statement about Indiana Wind Watch’s response to wind energy being featured in a new Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl ad. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Whitley County’s Joan Null, Larry Long, Henry County’s Susie Eichhorn and Melissa Elmore weighed in with their thoughts on Saenz’s question, and this is the response sent regarding the ad:
Dear Mr. Saenz,
I’ve been asked to respond to your question posed to Indiana Wind Watch regarding a recent commercial regarding beer production and industrial wind turbines.
It is the opinion of Indiana Wind Watch members that the Anheuser-Busch commercial featuring wind turbines is spreading a false narrative about the realities of wind energy. “Brewed by wind” is completely misleading because the wind doesn’t always blow. Their factories are not being directly supplied by wind turbines, but by whatever electricity they are pulling off of the grid, which would be a mix of different sources including natural gas, coal, possibly nuclear and maybe a small percentage of renewables. They either have a power purchase agreement with a wind farm, or they have some sort of a carbon tax credit deal with a wind farm owner. 
Missing from Anheuser-Busch’s commercial is the reality that wind turbines are very often irresponsibly-sited close to homes. Where are the pictures of the homes being encroached upon by industrial wind turbines? Also missing is the power plant, usually a fossil-fueled gas plant, that is used for back-up power when the wind turbines are not producing electricity. There are 54,000+ wind turbines in the United States today. According to the United States Energy Administration, wind projects only produced 6.3% of the electricity used in America in 2017. At least 857,143 wind turbines would be required to reach 100% power usage in America from wind, and at an astronomical cost to the tax and ratepayers of America – and this astronomical number of wind turbines would still require back-up power because the wind is not a sufficient or reliable resource for power.
Anheuser-Busch want to appear to be politically correct with their “green” message, but they’re doing it at the expense of the taxpayers who supply the subsidies, the ratepayers who pay higher prices, and the miseries of those who are forced to live in the midst of wind farms without having given their consent or being compensated.  And note that there’s not a single home pictured in the ad.  
Thank you for your question to the web page. Please send us your article so that we may share it with our members.
With appreciation,
Lynn Plummer-Studebaker, M.Ed.