***ACTION ALERT*** Video “A Communities Decision” and Update to the Request for Letters for SB 234


An important message from the Erie Huron Anti-Wind Group. If you have not yet sent a letter to the Senate supporting SB234 please do so. Please sign your letter and scan it as an attachment in an email back to us.

Thanks SAWU

Here is a short 55 second video which contains some very pertinent information regarding the industrial wind turbine projects planned for our area.  It can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL4L2sXLp4E&feature=youtu.be

Please write your letters of support for SB 234 and get them delivered as soon as possible.  The Senate is not scheduled to come back into session until January 28, 2020.  We originally requested the letters be delivered by January 24th thinking we wouldn’t need them until after the 28th.  We have received word that the Senate committee which will hold hearings on the bill may meet before the Senate is scheduled to reconvene.  Sorry for the confusion, but this uncertainty is what we deal with constantly when attempting to be prepared for providing testimony in Columbus.  If you haven’t already done so, please take a few moments and format your letter according to the directions listed below and get it delivered as soon as possible.  Thank you all for your support.

The letters should be directed to the attention of Senator Steve Wilson, Chairman, Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee.

The letters don’t have to contain voluminous technical information or expert opinion.  The letters don’t have to be many pages long.  Here is what we are asking of you:

  • Write a letter from the heart, expressing why you think it is important for local residents to have a vote on items which will impact all of our living conditions in the area we all live.  If the proposed wind farms will impact you personally in a particular way, feel free to add that information.   
  • These letters should not be someone else’s thoughts; they should be your opinions and thoughts about the importance of giving local citizens a local vote.
  • The letters must be signed.  Typed signatures won’t do.  If you have the ability to insert a signature electronically (such as scanning your written signature and inserting it in a typewritten letter) that will be fine, but if you don’t have this ability, your signature will have to be hand-written.  This requirement ensures that the letter can be admitted as part of the official record of the testimony given to the committee.

The letters must be delivered as soon as possible