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Wind turbines would cause issues with safety

It has been raised as an issue at more than one commissioners meeting by myself and others. It is an indisputable fact that with the number of turbines, their proximity to each other and their unprecedented height that our service from air ambulances will be greatly affected. There is no way to dispute this.

The official response to this situation from those services is that they will work with local Fire Departments to find a safe place to land and transport patients. This is true and allows politicians to make the generic statement that the services will still be available to the residents in the project area. But the truth is landing zones will need to be located at a designated distance from every turbine, which I have been told is a half mile. So draw a one mile diameter circle centered on every turbine and count that area as a no fly zone. Also on days like today, Oct. 31, with a low ceiling you can also figure in the aircraft having to travel to one end or the other of the project area to get to any scene beyond the project area as they will not be allowed to cross over the top of the turbines due to the constraints of Visual Flight Rules.

So the next argument that a politician would bring is the EMS or Fire Department can meet the aircraft out of the project area for transport at a designated landing zone. This is a narrow application, one that assumes the patient is already extricated from an accident and ready for transport. How many of the Firefighters / EMTs reading this have had flight crew give lifesaving treatment to trapped victims while they were being extricated? I can save the rest of you from guessing…All of them have on multiple occasions. This situation eliminates that care to anyone in the project area. Not to mention the use of Air Ambulance for search and rescue operations, we have all used them for this from time to time; this will not be an option for those inside of a project area. Anyone in a position of authority that dismisses the detrimental effect of these turbines on Air Ambulance services on our rural community is either completely ignorant to the facts or shrugging off their responsibility to public safety for some other reason.

I felt compelled to put these words down one more time but I can’t help but feel like a fool having to tell this story again to intelligent people in places of authority who choose to ignore facts. The only option in these cases is to make certain those people are no longer elected to positions of authority.

Nathan Blaser

Chief Bloom Fire Department