And the fight continues in Seneca County with lying Apex & Ohio’s dubious kangaroo court, OPSB


Good afternoon all,

I am signed up for OPSB alerts regarding Republic Wind. Since this application has been filed one of the biggest questions that has been on our minds is how is APEX filing for this project since they have repeatedly stated that they cannot build it out under the current setback law of 1,125′ from the nearest adjacent property line of a non-participating property owner or owners. Well, this document that was just submitted today to the OPSB by APEX has answered the setback question- they NEVER had anticipated filing under the current law, but instead intended to file based on a law THAT DOES NOT EXIST YET!!! Currently Senator Matt Dolan’s bill, SB 238 which concerns the new property line setbacks, is still being negotiated in the Ohio State House. However, nothing has actually been voted on yet. So, with that said, APEX jumped the gun and lied to the OPSB at the same time. Their application dated February 2nd, 2018 stated that the property line setbacks were going to be in compliance with the current law (the lie), however they admitted that they never had any intent of filing under the current law and so submitted the letter dated March 27th, 2018 correcting the setback “error” by stating they wished to file under the auspices of SB238! This is unacceptable and disturbing! This also goes to prove that they cannot be trusted! The new setbacks are as follows (page 1 of setback letter):

Given the dimensions of the turbine models proposed for the Facility (see Table 03-2 in the application), these setbacks yield distances as follows:

Property line setback = 1.2 x total turbine height = 1.2 x 591 feet = 709 feet

Residential setback = 1,225 feet + blade length = 1,225 feet +224.5
feet = 1,449.5 feet

Think of how awesome it would be to have a 591′ industrial power plant behind that new sunroom!! SO COOL!! Or have the thing whirring around in your backyard 1,450′ from your house! Lets bust out the weenies hun!!

For anyone who needs explanation of these numbers here is what they are:

1.2 x the height is the math used for SB 238’s new property line setback of 1.2 times the height of the turbine as measured from the base of the turbine pole to the highest tip of the top blade in a 12 o-clock position. That changes from 1,125′ from the property line which is the current law. So assuming they use the Vestas V136 which is 591′ and 3.6 Mega-Watts, that will put that bad boy 709′ from your property.

From the outside of the nearest habitable structure (your house), the new setback distance of 1,225′ from a residence will apply plus blade length. Since just one blade for the largest of the proposed turbine models is 224.5′, then add that number to the 1,225′. The total is 1,449.5′ from a home.

Apex has submitted three (3) turbine models which they are considering, the Vestas V136 being the biggest. The other two proposed models are the Acciona AW132 which is 3.3 MW, 492 total feet (includes blades), and has 216′ blades and the General Electric GE 3.6-137 which is 3.63 MW, 586 total feet (includes blades) and has 225′ blades. So remember, if the turbine is shorter it could actually be closer than the Vestas model.

Another disturbing fact in the Apex setback letter is that there is one residence that will have a turbine sited only 548′ from I assume their property line. Apex claims they are negotiating with the property owner but if they do not sign then the turbine location will be dropped (New footnote text page 2).

The document can be viewed on the Ohio Power Siting Board website at The Docket# is 17-2295-EL-BGN. Click on the project number and then click on view documents. The document is an 18 page document dated March 27th, 2018.