Animal deaths caused by industrial wind turbines

Joe Cobb
January 1

2018 animal deaths due to the Golden West wind farm built by Next Era energy.– Jan. 9, male goose died (nothing seemed wrong, fine one day, dead the next); March 11-March 23, -13 Great Pyrenees puppies died (necropsies show the major organs in their bodies (hearts, livers and lungs) not developing normally/properly for them to live so they die at birth or shortly after); April 16 baby duck died. Lived 3 days. was fine when hatched. Brought in house under heat lamp and gave baby duck food and sugar water. April 24 baby fainting goat was stillborn; June 16- black banty hen died (could not find any reason); July 25- baby duck died (2 day old) Brought in house just like the other earlier this year:; august 9- “Chip” our little house dog died (congestive heart failure just like his mom); August 13, another baby duck died (cannot explain why except we feel it is just like the puppy issue- major organs not developing properly for them to live): August 24- baby male mini horse died (only 2 weeks old) We feel died of lungs not being developed properly but didn’t act sick. Was eating, drinking and growing normally. August 27 another baby duck died. October 6- adult duck died (again healthy one day, dead the next); October 18- Adult female fainting goat and her stillborn baby boy died. (vet was present); December 26- female guinea bird named “Jewels” died. She had a cough, had her in the house to keep warm and give her antibiotics. didn’t help.

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