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Wind News – This Land is My Land, This Yard is My Yard…


Ohio’s energy policy and the issue of setbacks continues to be the hot topic as the wind lobby uses the remaining days of summer to build their case in the media and with lawmakers that industrial wind setbacks should be measured from the foundation of the neighbor’s home rather than their property line.   We hope that our readers will be visiting with their lawmakers who are home in the district for the month of August to advocate for retaining the current property line setbacks and requiring a vote of the people before changes can be made.  This will be the focus of setback debate in the fall and your legislators need to know what their constituents want. After all, it is your community that will be impacted and you don’t need some guy from Chagrin Falls telling you what’s good for you.   Against that backdrop, the following news is well worth noting:

  • Former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bob Cupp who now
    Bob Cupp

    represents Allen County and his hometown of Lima has been tapped to succeed Rep. Bill Seitz as the Chair of the House Public Utilities Committee.  Cupp should take quite a personal interest in the topic of setbacks since it will likely affect his constituents.  Notably, Cupp remarked in an interview that “We’ll take these issues as they develop and try to build Continue reading Wind News – This Land is My Land, This Yard is My Yard…

OHIO–Republican Comrade Dolan joins Republican Comrade Hite as a co-sponsor of Hite’s unsafe setback amendment 

Wind turbine setback, battles over green energy rules expected in Ohio legislature

By John Funk, The Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Renewable energy’s struggle to grow in Ohio is expected to resume this fall following years of political battles over state energy mandates.

Legislation amending how close a wind turbine can be to adjacent property not part of a wind farm is planned by Republican state senator Cliff Hite of Findlay.

Senator Matt Dolan of Chagrin Falls said Thursday he would be a co-sponsor. Continue reading OHIO–Republican Comrade Dolan joins Republican Comrade Hite as a co-sponsor of Hite’s unsafe setback amendment 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Another view on turbine issue

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Finally! A local farmer with the chutzpah to defend (Webmaster’s note: Upon reading this, I am not sure “defend” is the best  word to describe the content of this letter. Better words such as “expose”, “challenge”, etc. would be more appropriate.) wind! I applaud Mr. Kirksey for putting his “mouth where his money is!” (Did I get it backward?) But, most importantly, this gives me another opportunity to expose the fallacy that wind is “clean” energy when, after all the hoopla, is merely a tax dodge for the Warren Buffets of the world! Don’t believe me? In his own words “The only reason I invest in wind is for tax purposes.” He, the wind companies, farmers putting a wind turbine on their land and local governments increasing their tax revenue are NOT concerned about “wind” but the government SUBSIDIES associated with it! I have characterized this as “suckling the government teat,” but, contrary to the porcine population, they are NEVER weaned!

“Every turbine results in using less fossil fuel and cuts down on Continue reading LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Another view on turbine issue

Wind and Solar Energy Are Dead Ends

American Thinker

Wind and Solar Energy Are Dead Ends

July 12, 2017

Renewable energy is the way of the future, we are told.  It is inevitable.  Some renewable energy advocates boldly claim that the world could be powered by renewable energy as early as 2030 – with enough government subsidies, that is.  And of course, the mainstream media play their part, hyping up the virtues of solar and wind energy as the solution to climate change.

In one regard, they are quite right: in terms of generational capacity, wind and solar have grown by leaps and bounds in the last three decades (wind by 24.3% per year since 1990, solar by 46.2% per year since 1990).  However, there are two questions worth asking: (i) are renewable energies making a difference, and (ii) are they sustainable?

To answer the first question: No, wind and solar energy have not made a dent in global energy consumption, despite their rapid growth.  In fact, after thirty years of beefy government Continue reading Wind and Solar Energy Are Dead Ends

Wind News – The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming!


Lots going on during the lazy, hazy days of summer.   NextEra experienced four rare “never happens” blade failures within a period of five weeks at different ‘farms’.   Included today is the  coverage of one of those incidents where the blade flew into a neighbor’s corn field, flattened it and destroyed the crop.  The surprised farmer told the news media, “Us farmers, we`re out in the field all the time so hopefully it doesn’t happen again.”  No kidding.  How about “Us rural residents, we’re out in the yard all the time so hopefully it doesn’t happen again?”

After being saturated with fake news about Russian interference with the Presidential election, we now have real news about the Russians funneling money to environmental organizations like the Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, Natural Resources Defense Council, and so forth to fight fracking and advocate for wind and solar.   Huh?  It turns out Russia wants to disrupt the development of US natural gas in order to preserve Europe’s dependency on Russian energy supplies.  We got a chuckle out of Rep. Bill Seitz recently warning his colleagues not to become Continue reading Wind News – The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming!

Rural America Keeps Rejecting Big Wind

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July 18, 2017 by Robert Bryce

Rural America Keeps Rejecting Big WindThe backlash against Big Wind continues. Indeed, entire states are now restricting or rejecting wind projects.

In April, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed a bill that puts an early end to lucrative tax credits that Big Wind was collecting in the Sooner state. The move will save the state about $500 million over the next decade.

In May, the Tennessee legislature passed a ban on new wind projects until July 2018. State legislators took action after Cumberland Mountains residents mounted furious objections to a proposed 23-turbine project that would have been built near the town of Crab Orchard.

On June 30, the North Carolina legislature passed a measure placing a moratorium on the development of new wind projects in the state for 18 months. Continue reading Rural America Keeps Rejecting Big Wind

MidAmerican must refile PTC request for refurbished turbines

In a written order issued Friday, the Iowa Utilities Board agreed with the state Office of Consumer Advocate, part of the Iowa Department of Justice, and technology companies Facebook and Google, all of which challenged MidAmerican’s request on procedural grounds (Energywire, June 14).

The IUB decision was procedural and not based on the merits of MidAmerican’s proposal, which said refurbishing more than 1,000 megawatts of wind turbines would be Continue reading MidAmerican must refile PTC request for refurbished turbines

Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, WindLab…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?