AWEA protested by Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition in Lansing , Michigan

Webmaster’s note: This protest/rally was organized by the Interstate Informed Citizens on Tuesday January 20th, 2015 and was headed up by co-directors Kevon Martis and Josh Van Camp. Key speakers for the event were Michigan state representative Ray Franz, Cary Shineldecker, Mr. Steven Transeth (former MPSC Commissioner), Tom Stacy, Mr. Cal Peters (retired inspector/investigator in the Michigan DEQ Air Quality program), Ms. Valerie Brader (senior policy adviser to Governor Snyder) and Kevon Martis.

Michigan is in a bad way concerning base power load ( uninterrupted power) issues due to the mandated closing of several coal plants slated for 2016. No doubt the AWEA will think this to be a prime opportunity to push their agenda! In the following gallery you will recognize our own Kevin & Marcia Ledet as well as some others we’ve crossed paths with , enjoy!