Please consider helping us to defend our community from corporate greed and the political machine that supports it! 

We are Greenwich Neighbors United…

We are a grass root organization formed to educate people about the ill effects of industrial wind turbines to health, property values and the destruction of our wild life.

We are trying to raise money to pay our legal fees and we would like your help in fighting this war on industrial wind projects in our neighborhood.

Please consider a financial donation every month or a yearly lump sum to Greenwich Neighbors United. Since we are a non profit, your donations are tax deductible!  For your convenience we have provided you a donation widget at the upper right hand. It is really quite simple, use Paypal or any credit or debit card (you don’t have to have a Paypal account in order to make a one time donation)! Oh, and don’t forget to print a receipt for your year end records!

Please understand that no one, absolutely no one will go unaffected by turning our rural community into an industrial wind facility! Please, we need your help and any donation will be greatly appreciated and will provide us the continued ability to protect Greenwich from this predatory takeover. One that would forever negatively impact our community for generations!

 We Thank you.


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