“Pursuant to Ohio Administrative (“OAC”) Rule 4906-2-27(A) and (C), Republic Wind, LLC (“Republic” or “Applicant”) hereby requests that the Ohio Power Siting Board (“OPSB” or “Board”) suspend the procedural schedule and stay discovery. Republic submits this motion because it intends to file an application to amend the pending application. Republic requests suspension of the procedural schedule and a stay of discovery until Republic’s amendment for application is filed.”

We are still waiting on official confirmation that the local public hearing that was scheduled to be held on October 2, 2018 at the Green Springs VFW has been cancelled. Once we have officially received confirmation we will post it here for everyone to be notified.

This does NOT mean this project will NOT be built it simply means that Republic Wind LLC/APEX has some issues with their application. Here is more of their statement:

– “The current procedural schedule was developed based on the current application. Once the focus of the proceeding shifts to the amended application, it will be necessary to establish new testimony deadlines and hearing dates based upon the filing date of the amended application.”

– To view the entire document the link to the actual document that was submitted to the OPSB by Republic Wind LLC/APEX is listed below:

[googlepdf url=”http://www.greenwichneighborsunited.com/wp-content/uploads/Seneca-Wind.pdf” download=”Download” ]