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Please consider helping us to defend our community from corporate greed and the political machine that supports it! 

We are Greenwich Neighbors United…

We are a grass root organization formed to educate people about the ill effects of industrial wind turbines to health, property values and the destruction of our wild life.

We are trying to raise money to pay our legal fees and we would like your help in fighting this war on industrial wind projects in our neighborhood.

Please consider a financial donation every month or a yearly lump sum to Greenwich Neighbors United. Since we are a non profit, your donations are tax deductible!  For your convenience we have provided you a donation widget at the upper right hand. It is really quite simple, use Paypal or any credit or debit card (you don’t have to have a Paypal account)! Oh, and don’t forget to print a receipt for your year end records!

Please understand that no one, absolutely no one will go unaffected by turning our rural community into an industrial wind facility! Please, we need your help and any donation will be greatly appreciated and will provide us the continued ability to protect Greenwich from this predatory takeover. One that would forever negatively impact our community for generations!

 We Thank you.


Wow! This is the same spin logic as used by the Wind Cartel!

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Things Commonly Found in a Wind Contract

Source: Coalition for Rural Property Rights

April 19, 2017

These items will not be in every company’s contract, but they are commonly found in most.

  • There will be a non-exclusive easement covering your entire property, not just the footprint of the turbine and the access road.
  • They can install, construct, remove, relocate, replace, use, maintain, and operate roads, bridges, culverts, staging and laydown areas as they see fit.
  • They can construct a battery storage system. Contracts do not specify how big this is or that there is any additional payment for this.
  • Quarterly operating payments shall no longer be due and payable if wind generation operations cease.
  • They have the right to erect met towers (meteorological testing towers) and share with you the liability of having that tower. (check with your insurance company)
  • Crop damage will be paid 60 days after the project is operational, which could be a 2-year construction project.
  • Road payments will be paid 30 days after completion of the project.

Continue reading Things Commonly Found in a Wind Contract

Green measures have damaged country – The Courier

Sir,- Your wildlife columnist Jim Crumley’s acceptance (April 11) of “green”means of saving the planet from adverse climate changes has led to espousal of exceedingly costly measures to curb greenhouse gas output, despite their scientifically speculative and inevitably unproven basis. In fact, all the hopes of Stop Climate Chaos and like movements, based, in fact, […]

Source: Green measures have damaged country – The Courier

Greenwich township, Ohio B.T. (Before Turbines)


Best Places to Live | Compare cost of living, crime, cities, schools and more.

Source: Greenwich township, Ohio People

Wind News – Ohio Setbacks in Play


We regret that a series of computer malfunctions left us out of communication over the past two weeks.   During that time the wind industry lobby has been working to get the Ohio Senate to insert a provision in the budget bill rolling back the current property line setback.  At the same time, Rep. Bill Seitz has suggested that some kind of compromise on setbacks may need to be  inserted in the mandate repeal bill (HB 114) when it is considered in the Senate.  Seitz tells us that might be the cost of getting a veto-proof majority Continue reading Wind News – Ohio Setbacks in Play

Study: The solution to unreliable wind and solar power? Build more!

Image result for laughing gasping for air

From the “twice as expensive, half as reliable” department comes this paper from SPRINGER where they seemed to have figured out (finally) that wind and solar just isn’t all that good for reliable power. Their solution? Overbuild. To me, that’s laughable, because regional weather patterns (such as a rex block high) can easily shut down not just dozens, but thousands of wind systems over a large area. Continue reading Study: The solution to unreliable wind and solar power? Build more!

The energy debate: Renewable energy cannot replace fossil fuels

January 31, 2017 

By Toni Pyke

The fact that oil is a “finite” material is not a problem…Every material is finite. Life is all about taking the theoretically finite but practically limitless materials in nature and creatively turning them into useful resources. The fossil fuel industry does it, the “renewable”—actually, the “unreliable”—energy industry doesn’t. End of story.” Alex Epstein

Fossil Fuels (coal, oil, petroleum, and natural gas) are originally formed from plants and animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago and became buried deep beneath the Earth’s surface. These then collectively transformed into the combustible materials that we use today for fuel. The earliest known fossil fuel deposits are from about 500 million years ago, when most of the major groups of Continue reading The energy debate: Renewable energy cannot replace fossil fuels

Important! Please contact Ohio Senator Manning now!

Ohio Senator Gayle Manning

Webmaster’s Note: House Bill 114 recently past in  the Ohio House of Representatives. It will now go before the Ohio Senate. Last year, Ohio Senator Gayle Manning voted against a similar bill (as did former Representative Terry Boose) that would have changed renewable energy from being mandated to optional goal status thus offering people and businesses a choice whether or not to participate in the more expensive and less efficient “green” energy.  As you already know, whenever government (at any level) begins to “mandate” legislation over people, it ends up ugly (i.e. health care)! Please communicate your voice to Senator Manning encouraging her to vote “for” HB 114 thus making the push to  wind and solar (especially wind) an option as opposed to a mandated “have to”. By clicking on Senator Manning’s picture, you will be directed to her contact page. Please, make sure your voice is heard before it is too late! Thank you for caring for Ohio and our Greenwich community!

This is my correspondence to Ohio Senator Gayle Manning, has she heard from you yet? 

Dennis Albert
   My  Letter to Ohio Senator Gayle Manning Concerning House Bill 114.

Dear Senator Manning:
Please vote in favor of HB 114! It should be abundantly clear by now that whenever government legislates mandates, it produces way more problems then what it cures! The “knee jerk” reaction to establish so called green energy as an answer to a question that is not even a solid, legitimate question (i.e. climate change/global warming) is a blunder of epic proportions! Please, take a look at what is happening to countries that have given themselves over to this boondoggle called wind energy! Germany, South Australia, Canada, to name a few, are all reeling economically and their grid Continue reading This is my correspondence to Ohio Senator Gayle Manning, has she heard from you yet? 

Your comment in opposition to the Lake Erie project is encouraged.

Click on View Document, then  “public comments” to view the 18 page document filed by Sherri Lange, CEO of North American Platform Against Wind Power.
Your comment in opposition to the Lake Erie project is encouraged.
Public Comment in opposition filed on behalf of North American Platform Against Windpower by A. Defelice, R. Eisenberg, G. Bertelsen, and R. Jones  electronically filed by Docketing  Staff on behalf of Docketing. (18 pages)
View Case: View Document:

“Wind Turbines:  Unsafe at any distance”

                                 Letter to the editor:

Dear Editor:   Last December, one of the turbines at the Stoney Corners wind facility burst into flames and was completely destroyed. Black smoke darkened the sky and heavy winds spread ash and burning particles on fields and properties nearby. For days the acrid odor of smoldering composites lingered in the air and seeped into my home along with several other homes in the area of the fire. By the next day, what was left of the turbine was hauled off and some of the contaminated top soil was bulldozed into a pile where it still sits, three months later. What assurance is there Continue reading “Wind Turbines:  Unsafe at any distance”

Thanks to Ohio Power Siting Board consistently operating as the kangaroo court that it is, the litigation continues! 

Webmaster Note: The name kangaroo court is a disdainful appellation for a judicial tribunal or assembly that blatantly disregards recognized standards of law or justice, and often carries little or no official standing in the territory within which it resides.[1] The term may also apply to a court held by a legitimate judicial authority who intentionally disregards the court’s legal or ethical obligations. ( From Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia )
OHIO–Blackfork Wind Project–Crawford/Richland Counties–Our friends have filed a Supreme Court Appeal–We support you and thank you!