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The story of one town trying to stop turbines wasn’t aired

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If you tuned into Tucker Carlson last evening, Feb. 16, as I did, to view the segment on “The story of one town trying to stop turbines, and how some are trying to block those efforts” you know it wasn’t aired.   The information was shared with you in good faith–my suspicion is there is such a segment that will be aired at some point, but that point is not known to me.  If another date comes through, I’ll do my best to let you know.  Thank you for understanding.
Linda  Hughes

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Wind News – Pro-Wind Battalions are Out in Force but Warrior Seitz Fights On


Negotiations continue in the Ohio General Assembly on both renewable mandates and the repeal of wind setback measurement from property lines.

At the Ohio Power Siting Board, numerous comments were submitted by both wind developers and citizens concerning the current process for waiving setbacks.   The law very clearly states that all property owners adjacent to the wind farm property must agree to any setback waiver.  The wind industry believes this should be interpreted as the one non-participating landowner closest to the one non-conforming turbine.  But that interpretation is not consistent with the law.  Readers can go to the OPSB website at to read the comment submissions.  We have attached the comments of MAREC (Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition).  Other comments from Greenwich Neighbors United and Union Neighbors United can be found at the website as well comments from the Continue reading Wind News – Pro-Wind Battalions are Out in Force but Warrior Seitz Fights On


Wind News – Is Wind Winning?


There will be no hearings this coming week on the setback bill, SB 238 or HB 114.  As we understand it, it is likely that setbacks will be addressed by an amendment to HB 114 which has already passed the House and is undergoing hearings in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Speculation is that HB 114 will be amended and approved some time in February after which it will go to a Conference Committee of the House and Senate where the final bill will be negotiated.  We will keep you posted on when hearings will be scheduled. 

Our understanding at this point is that Dolan’s proposal of 1.2 x turbine height from the property line is likely to be adopted.  There will be some type of local input to the siting process but we are unclear as to what it will be. Discussions underway propose a role for County Commissioners which may be subject to affirmation by a vote of electors residing in the unincorporated areas of all county townships irrespective of whether that township is hosting turbines.  The wind industry rejects restricting the vote to only the Continue reading Wind News – Is Wind Winning?


Wind News – Singing Out of the Same Songbook


As another weeks passes, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee continues to defer hearings on SB 238 to reduce wind turbine setbacks. At the same time, in areas targeted for wind development multiple discussions are taking place with citizens and their elected representatives. It is vital that we all “sing out of the same songbook”. We must ensure our conversations with legislators and local officials are directed at ensuring any compromise language offered in the legislature reflects the following:

All setbacks must be measured from the property line without exception. It is never acceptable to measure from a habitable Continue reading Wind News – Singing Out of the Same Songbook


The attack continues on Ohio rural communities…when is this going to stop?!

Buckeye Wind project changes draw local criticism
New group forms to oppose wind farm

We are tired of it. You are tired of it. Our county is tired of it, but it just won’t go away. What is it? Wind turbines.

Please, wait.

Before you turn the page and turn your back and turn your attention to the many Terry Rittenhouse

Contributing columnist other legitimately important concerns of your day, we plead with you, educated leaders and citizens of Champaign County, to give one last level-headed and critically discerning look into the future at the unwanted hostile takeover of our community that is going to change us irrevocably from this time forward. Our county government and citizens groups have made it very clear that this project is not wanted here. Before we ourselves allow strangers to hold to the lips of our very own children the secret elixir in this cup, let us consider.

Major changes are taking place relative to what was initially promised and reported as fact. Continue reading The attack continues on Ohio rural communities…when is this going to stop?!


Press-Ganged: How the Wind Industry Hijacked the Media to Peddle its Fake News

January 19, 2018 by stopthesethings

Myths, half-truths and downright lies are the stock in trade of the subsidy-soaked wind industry: to obtain its ‘social licence’, it’s needed plenty of useful idiots in the press.

Gullible so-called ‘journalists’ ready, willing and able to parrot all the usual fantasies, such as: wind power is ‘free’ and getting cheaper all the time; that wind turbines last for a generation, and run on the smell of an oily rag; and that rural communities are literally falling Continue reading Press-Ganged: How the Wind Industry Hijacked the Media to Peddle its Fake News


Wind News – Big Wind Ramps Up the Aggression in Ohio


It was quite a week. “Head spinning” – to use a wind term. In this issue we will cover important events in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan and beyond in hopes that we can all learn from one another. One thing is clear, Apex is under attack in many communities and it is interesting to see the different ways they are dealing with the communities who are challenging them.

The wind industry is pulling out all stops in what appears to be a last Continue reading Wind News – Big Wind Ramps Up the Aggression in Ohio


Building more wind farms doesn’t make sense!

Webmaster’s Note: For those of you who attended the Huron County Commissioner’s open forum meeting (held  earlier this month) you will recall the statements regarding how much wind energy is loved in other states. I’m sure you’ll remember two states in particular were mentioned, Texas and Iowa. This article is written by an Iowan Janna Swanson. There is a lot to this article but, as you will see, love is not one of them…

Expansion of wind-generated electricity continues to run into opposition in rural Iowa.

Jan 17, 2018

By Janna Swanson

Warren Buffett has said that building wind turbines makes no sense without the federal Production Tax Credit (PTC). I wanted to know why industrial wind is being pushed in Iowa when it makes no sense, so I called MidAmerican Energy and asked to speak with Bill Fehrman.

They told me he was their president; I could speak with someone in Continue reading Building more wind farms doesn’t make sense!


Wind Energy isn’t a Breeze – If knowing the truth disturbs you, you’ll probably will not want to read this!!

Webmaster’s Note: The other evening at the Huron County Commissioner’s “open forum” we heard from Apex’s “paid staff” how much Texans, Iowans and elsewhere just love big wind turbines.  We also heard how other states are so far ahead of Ohio when it comes to wind energy that if we want to keep up with the Jones (feel the sense of urgency here folks) we must hurry to catch up lest we allow all these other states to leave us (Ohio) in the dust!

This next article refers to Iowa but really has to do with rural America, period. As you read this well written feature you will probably notice the same thing as I did, maybe all Iowans are not so in love with wind energy as we heard last night. Also, please note that the online publication this article appears in neither smacks of conservative or anti-wind values overlall, which makes this story even more interesting! Granted, this article is a little long but it is packed with truth. One last thing. Please share with as many people as you can. You may even want to send this story by email to the Huron , Seneca, Erie and Sandusky County Commissioners!

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Farmers near wind turbines face (sometimes literal) headaches.

The sun sets behind wind turbines in Fenton, Iowa.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Nearly 175 years ago, Lana Wanders’ ancestors settled in what would soon become the state of Iowa. The farm served as a stopping point for people heading west who had run out of money. Her forefathers would rent a piece of land to them Continue reading Wind Energy isn’t a Breeze – If knowing the truth disturbs you, you’ll probably will not want to read this!!


Letter: Industrial wind turbines threaten our way of life (recognizing the “cancer” that industrial wind is to rural communities..)

There is an invasion coming that will destroy our rural way of life. It will destroy the vast ,untouched, sweeping views of rolling hills, woodlands and abundant wildlife and the quiet peace and tranquility which are some of western New York’s most valuable assets.The invader: 600 feet tall industrial wind turbines and high voltage transmission lines, up to 150 feet tall.Currently there are 176 turbines under signed leases projected for a 15-mile swath between Canisteo and West Union.

Source: Letter: Industrial wind turbines threaten our way of life