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Something Evil This Way Comes

FYI, last night Tucker Carlson did a fine see segment here on the stupidity of wind. 
Make SURE that you watch the short video in the article, which is superb! 
My only beef is that Tucker repeatedly called industrial wind projects “wind farms.” There is nothing being farmed, other than subsidies. The lobbyists purposefully coined the phrase “wind farm” to deceive non-aware citizens into thinking an industrial wind project is pastoral and environmentally benign.
Both are false, as industrial wind projects are environmentally destructive. (E.g. see here.)
They are also typically a net economic liability to host communities. (E.g. see here.)
Further, industrial wind facilities are a net burden on the electric grid — the backbone of our modern society (and the Texas situation is one of numerous examples). 

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Current News–It’s all about Ohio!


You’re always going to have problems with wind turbines. They’re a big piece of mechanical equipment that takes a lot of surges with the wind gusts. —Lewis Opsal, Electric Superintendent, Geneseo, Ill., Geneseo Republic, July 14, 2011

OHIOCOLUMBUS – Ohio 82nd District State Rep. Craig Riedel of Defiance and Dick Stein, R-Norwalk, recently introduced a bill concerning property rights of township residents by allowing a public referendum for wind and solar projects. “As a state legislator in northwest Ohio, I represent the counties with the most wind development in the state,” stated Riedel. “The beauty of this bill is that it gives local control to township residents for them to decide whether wind or solar development is welcome to move forward or stopped where it is not welcome.”
OHIO–LTE by Jeremy Kitson–It’s time for Ohio residents who will be affected by these types of community-altering projects to have a direct say on whether they are wanted or not.
OHIOA planned wind farm could bring millions of dollars in taxes and fees into the county over its 30-year lifespan, but a state senator is warning residents to be sure they understand how the giant turbines could change peoples’ lives. Agents for the Honey Creek Wind Farm are leasing property in northern Crawford County and southern Seneca County, said Drew Christensen, public engagement manager for parent company Apex Clean Energy Inc.

The dark side of ‘green energy’ and its threat to the nation’s environment

Wind farms and massive arrays of solar panels are cropping up across public and private landscapes both in the United States and abroad as users increasingly turn to “green energy” as their preferred flavor of electricity. What happens to old solar panels, windmills and high tech batteries?

Source: The dark side of ‘green energy’ and its threat to the nation’s environment

Wind News – Flipping for Facebook

Let the games begin.  As we approach the end of January, 2021, Sen. Romanchuk has introduced Senate Bill 10 to address certain provisions in HB 6 that are believed to present a risk of inflated costs for consumers.  Romanchuk was quoted as saying, “”I’m trying to protect the consumer and bring balance between the consumers and the utility.”   How about some balance between the community and the developer?   SB 10 is characterized as a first step and will be followed by additional proposals to modify Ohio’s energy policies.

Another proposal comes from the Ohio Power Siting Board in the state’s upcoming budget. OPSB is requesting spending authority for $63.23 million (+4.9%) in Fiscal Year 2022 and $63.42 million (+0.3%) in FY 2023.  The Acting Chairman, Beth Trombold justifies the request saying  “The OPSB has seen a significant increase in Continue reading Wind News – Flipping for Facebook

In case you are wondering what a Good Neighbor Agreement (Setback Waiver) looks like

In case you are wondering what a Good Neighbor Agreement (Setback Waiver) looks like here is a copy of the Honey Creek version. As in all such agreements everything favors the company and the landowner never gets to decide anything, except whether to sign the agreement in the first place or not. It is possible for the agreement to last over 4 decades if the company wants it to yet the yearly payments will remain as stated with NO adjustment for inflation. Will $500 even buy a bag of groceries 40 years from now? The project could be rebuilt several times under the same agreement and might have 1000 foot turbines by then. The situation can only get worse for a landowner signing such an agreement. Think carefully..

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Solar farm could come to Erie County

Webmaster’s Note: This is strictly my opinion but it seems as though since industrial wind continues to become “less sellable” these unscrupulous pond scum keep attacking rural America for their fraudulent gain! Forget features & benefits.. there is no logic.. follow the money!!!

A clean energy company wants to invest $100 million to build a solar farm north of Bellevue.

Source: Solar farm could come to Erie County

Wind News – Solar Eclipse of Rural Ohio



The General Assembly gets back to work this week and the days are growing shorter until adjournment.   The Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee will meet on Tuesday and will hold the fifth hearing on SB 346 to repeal HB 6 and reinstate renewable and efficiency mandates.  In an interview with the Associated Press, Rep. Bill Seitz voiced his opposition to a repeal saying “There is no representative and no senator who voted yes on House Bill 6, who lost their reelection bid,” Seitz said in an interview with The Associated Press. “But many, several, at least, who voted no, lost. So what does that tell you?”  Seitz vowed to vote against any repeal bill brought to the House for a floor vote during the next four weeks of the lame duck session.”

The AP report went on to say, ”The concern for Republicans like Seitz, Cupp and committee chairman Jim Hoops is that repealing the bill outright would have unintended consequences and they need more time to understand the complex legislation.” Continue reading Wind News – Solar Eclipse of Rural Ohio

Sam Randazzo Resigns As PUCO Chair To Avoid Being A ‘Distraction’


This was a sad week for solar and wind warriors who have fought to have our voices heard at the Ohio Power Siting Board.  We lost a friend and advocate when PUCO Chairman Sam Randazzo submitted his resignation to Governor DeWine so that he might not become a distraction to the important work of serving the public interest and Ohio’s energy policies.  The “green lobby”  sought to delegitimize Chairman Randazzo’s work, but those of us who have long sought a sympathetic ear at the Ohio Continue reading Sam Randazzo Resigns As PUCO Chair To Avoid Being A ‘Distraction’