Concerned Seneca County Resident / Public Meeting on Wednesday, November 7th 

Concerned Seneca County Resident

It is extremely important that you attend a Public Meeting on Wednesday, November 7th at 5:30 PM to be held at the Scipio Township Maintenance Building in Republic (the old Republic school gym) on State Rte. 19. Commissioner Shayne Thomas organized this meeting and he has lined up Charlene Watkins of Seneca Regional Planning Commission to serve as the meetings mediator. The intended purpose of the meeting is for Shayne to discuss the Seneca Wind project with the Township Trustees that are in the projects footprint (incl. Eden, Bloom, Scipio, Reed, and Venice).

On the surface, Shayne’s goals are to reach a compromise with the Townships so that a) neither side intervenes with the OPSB (Ohio Power Siting Board) and b) to avoid spending county money on expensive attorneys. However, we believe that Shayne has an ulterior motive for this meeting. If he can convince the trustees to not intervene he a) weakens the anti-wind opposition in the intervention process and b) he will be able to deflect the heavy criticism that he currently is receiving for spending taxpayer money on a high priced pro-wind attorney to represent the Commissioners in the intervention process. As you know, Commissioner Thomas single-handedly refused to allow the County Prosecutor to serve as legal counsel for both parties (Commissioners and the Townships) that would have cost the county only minimal money. Instead Commissioners Thomas and Stacy have retained a $480/hr pro-wind attorney that also represents Apex. If the Seneca Wind Townships decide to intervene, Shayne will claim that the Townships are the reason why the county spent big money for an attorney instead of him. This entire dog and pony show is a political maneuver on Shayne’s part. We can’t let him get away with it!

Since the Township Trustees are the only representation of the concerned citizens from the affected Townships, we WANT our Trustees to intervene AGAINST the project. This is our only voice in the process! It is also important to know that within the last week the Seneca County Prosecutor has issued a memo to the Townships that states that there is no cost to intervene and there is no obligation to go any further in the process. Given this statement from the Prosecutor, there is absolutely no reason why the Townships should not intervene.

The agenda for the meeting is to start with a 1 hour session for public comments. Each speaker is limited to 3 minutes and each speaker must pre-register. Ms. Watkins will mediate the public comment session. After this opening session, Commissioner Thomas will likely give a presentation that promotes all of the reasons why industrial wind power would be good for Seneca County and why it is important for the Township Trustees to agree with him and not intervene in opposition. Our hope is that the Trustees will see through Shayne’s hidden agenda and will stand firm with their constituents in opposition to the Seneca Wind project.

We need to overwhelm this meeting with our presence to once again demonstrate that the far majority of the citizens in the Seneca Wind project footprint are in opposition to this project. Please plan on attending and wear your yellow shirts!


See you there!!


To register for public Comments CLICK HERE:

  OR CALL 419-443-7936


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