Greenwich! Read the plight of a Van Wert wind farm victim…

Webmaster’s Note: If you have ever driven Ohio SR 30 you cannot help but notice the invasion of hundreds of acres of farmland being consumed by these inefficient monstrosities. Believe it or not, they still want to add even more! That’s why it is so important to keep up our local Greenwich resistance now…it is naive of us to think that it would be any different here than in Van Wert! The wind industry is a greedy, cancerous disease that leaves whatever it touches in a wake of ruined health (both human and wildlife), property values, and rural community relationships while failing miserably as a legitimate source of uninterrupted power!

Wind Turbine Industry In Rural Ohio

Before you believe what the sales teams try to sell, read this account:

My name is Brenda DeLong and I am a resident and property owner in Van Wert County. I live in the Blue Creek Wind project. I do not have any wind turbines on my property, but yet they affect my life by trespassing on my property. I built my home 13 years ago on my parent’s farmland thinking I could enjoy peace and quiet as a country home should be.

Saturday, I was in Dublin viewing a home my son and his wife are buying. As we stood on the deck in the back of the house, my daughter in law’s father made the comment, it is so peaceful here. I thought, WOW, yes it is. I cannot say that
where I live. Since turbines have come into my life, it is difficult to sit outside and enjoy a peaceful evening. The whooshing sound coming from the turbines are far from peaceful. Even sitting inside my home is not peaceful. With windows closed, a TV or radio on, the whoosh can be heard. Last year a siren like sound began, after listening for a while I determined it was coming from a turbine. This went on for at least 4 months. I had to leave my home because the noise was unbearable at times. I have been told a car or semi noise is worse, those pass and the sound is gone, a turbine noise doesn’t disappear. Many refer to the noise as a constant jet overhead.

Another concern is flicker. I have turbines to the East and West of my home. On days the Sun is shining I have flicker from the East in the morning and from the West in the afternoon.

Drainage issues are another concern that have risen since turbines were installed. Tile was crushed and not fixed properly; therefore water stands for days after a rain.

Health issues that have arisen since turbines have come to my area include: dizziness, head pulses, headaches, migraines, and chest pain. One could even feel their heart beating in rhythm with the turbine.

Several weeks ago my area was without power for 4 days; in 2012 we were without power for 9 days. The turbines were in operation with red lights flashing, but our area did not benefit at all with available electricity. Many of the hottest days of the year, turbines are not moving. When there is a peak demand no energy is being

I have had contact with over 40 families in this area and all have had one or more of these issues since turbines have entered our lives. Many who are pro wind will never live near a turbine. Many who have leases do not live close to a turbine. They are
absentee lease holders. Large transmission lines and poles were placed approximately 67 feet from my home. No one came to my home and told me this was going to happen.

I ask you to think of these issues as you vote on Substitute House Bill 49. The turbines near me are too close now, and I object to any amendment reducing property line setbacks for wind turbines.

Thank you for your time today.
Brenda DeLong