Don’t get left out! Killing this worldwide protest against Budweiser!

Kevon Martis shared a post.

Here is my idea.

Let’s see how many activists we can get to take 10-30 second videos of themselves in front of their local wind projects. (If you aren’t near turbines at the moment you can do it outside.)

They should each have a 6 pack of Budweiser.

They can say something simple like: “Here is what I think of Budweiser’s bogus claim of being powered by 100% wind energy. Budweiser: this Bud’s for you!”

Then pop it open and pour it on the ground.

They can ad lib if they like.

For instance:

“Ever since these turbines came to our community, my former friends won’t even watch the Super Bowl with me anymore. This Bud’s for you!”

Pour it.


“Normally my Superbowl Party would be stocked with Bud Beer. But wind development destroyed our community. This Bud’s for you.” Pour it out!

The videos can be posted on the Bud FB page, tweeted to @Budweiser, or


.Time is of the essence so please PASS THIS ALONG TO YOUR GROUPS and lets get going!

Here is how to post video to Facebook:…/…/how-to-upload-video-to-facebook/


Let’s make some noise!