Duped: Canada’s ‘Green’ Jobs Bonanza Turns Cruel Hoax

OK, just tell ’em we’ll build a factory with a thousand jobs.

Hoodwinking its way around the globe, the wind industry always pitched the promise of building factories to locally manufacture blades or towers.

Over time, it’s turned out that such promises were just bait for the politicians they needed to sign over their constituents’ hard-won property rights, and to deliver the massive and endless subsidies that make this ‘industry’ tick.

Back in 2002, South Australia’s Labor government fell for it, hook, line and sinker: signing up to a deal that destroyed property rights (the usual planning rules were gutted in favour of wind developers) and, ultimately, its economy.

A band of chancers and shysters with Babcock & Brown (aka Infigen) promised a blade manufacturing plant – pencilled in its Memorandum of Understanding as being worth ‘$XX million’ in ‘exchange’ for ‘XX’ worth of taxpayer subsidies to build it – padding it out with more promises about ‘XX’ hundreds of groovy ‘green’ jobs. But, surprise, surprise, all SA got was an unstable grid and astronomical power prices. Precisely the same pitch was laid out in neighbouring Victoria, with the same hollow result.

On occasions though, the promise of local manufacturing jobs was delivered, often amid claims that thousands more groovy ‘Green’ jobs would soon follow.

Cut, or even threaten, the subsidies to wind power and those jobs disappear faster than snow in summer: Wind Power Subsidy Cuts Kill Thousands of Green Jobs: Siemens Sacks 6,000 Workers