Energy & Environmental Newsletter: Special Report


Last week when I first wrote you about the importance of watching the Planet of the Humans movie, there were about 10,000 views. It has since gone viral — now with about 3 Million views!
(Note: due to the major embarrassment this is causing the environmental movement, there is an intense effort to pull this movie (e.g. here and here.   So far it’s still available online.)
As I wrote to a few people, Michael Moore’s film has multiple flaws. For example:

—He didn’t present his arguments in a logical sequence,
—He didn’t explain all the nuts and bolts sufficiently,
—He skipped over multiple serious adverse consequences of renewables,
—He didn’t sufficiently endorse nuclear,
—He can’t resist including Left-wing rants (e.g. about capitalism), and
—He failed to advocate the most effective solution: 
our energy policies should be based on real Science!
(Instead, currently our energy policies are literally written by special-interest lobbyists — like Bill McKibben — and they are devoid of real Science!)
Despite the movie’s shortcomings, this is a laymanized version of a complex issue. In that regard Moore had a simple message that came across quite well: 
due to conflicts and incompetence, environmental organizations/leaders have not been giving the public an honest assessment of renewables.
That is an extraordinarily significant revelation to most people — particularly since it comes from a very credentialed Left-wing source.
I’ve heard from a surprising number of environmentalists who are very disillusioned about the environmentalists’ hypocrisies revealed in the film (just read the comments below the film). We need to build on that reality!
Please pass this onto open-minded parties.
john droz, jr.
PS — I give credit for the criticism of renewables to Ozzie Zehner — who not only appears in the film, but is also listed as a producer.  Ozzie is the author of the 2012 book: Green Illusions.  If you’ve read that you’ll see that several of its themes are in the Planet of the Humans.
Lastly, there are been quite a few commentaries about the movie. Here are some worth reading: