From John Droz Jr.  –  Your Support Needed!

AWED Friends:
We are in the midst of a cataclysmic battle — and you’ve likely heard very little about it.
Right now, the 30± year global warming fight in the US is coming to a pivotal juncture — within the next few days. 
Dr. William Happer (an eminently qualified scientist in the White House) has proposed the Presidential Committee on Climate Science (PCCS). [Another possible name is Presidential Commission on Climate Security (also PCCS).]
In any case, it will consist of multiple qualified scientists who will review such significant issues as Global Warming’s impact on national security. They will try to extract the science from political science.
Those advocating for a genuine scientific assessment of the Global Warming issue, are in full support of the PCCS. 
Those who are opposed to a real scientific assessment of the Climate Change issue are against the PCCS. Not surprisingly, so far the most voices (probably 25± to 1) are in opposition (like here, here, here, here, here, and here.)
We need to make clear to the President that citizens are following the PCCS matter, and that citizens fully support this excellent idea. There are two ways to send the President a message on this topic:
Phone the White House comment line: 1-202-456-1111
Email the White House your support: here.
Doing both would be better yet!
Note: the President’s decision is expected within the week, so please do this quickly.
To give you some perspective on the PCCS matter, I wrote two new documents:
1) Answers to some of the PCCS critics’ objections, and
2) Background of the US Climate Change 30± year history (and how the PCCS fits in).
I’m hoping that there will be a segment about the PCCS on FoxNews, a piece in the WSJ, and more sensible articles on other media outlets (like this, thisthis, and this).
Thank you for your support at this very critical time.
john droz, jr.