From Wind turbines, there are cancer in the whole village – Translated from French into English

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‎Marco D’Alessandro‎ to Environmentalists Against Wind Turbines
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From Wind turbines, there are cancer in the whole village

My name is Sylvie Derumigny, and I don’t intend to shut up. I live in dizy le gros, in the ardennes. My house is located on the side of the football stadium. Before, when I came out on the step of my door, I saw all the beauty of the countryside. Fields, animals… everything that makes you love to live calm, and not in an industrial area! . Today, wherever I turn, I only see wind turbines. The Village is surrounded, and in the department it is built every day new machines. The next ones will be 200 meters high. The size of the montparnasse tower.
Before I got sick, I was a commercial animator. For 18 years, I loved my job. I am today in sick stop for cancer. I have a huge sense of injustice. We live there, quietly, simply. I’ve never drank, never smoked, I pay attention to my health and diet, and then gradually migraines take you, tinnitus too. It’s an indefinable fatigue that your body suffers for months. And then it’s the bad news that falls: Cancer. Around me other people struggle in silence against the same evils, but they do not necessarily have the courage to speak, nor the strength by the way, because they fight above all against the disease. When you have to go several times to social security for your file to be accepted, when you find yourself with a pension of 300 euros to live and those damn machines continue to turn and break you, you wonder how works The world. I think he walks with the money. Dizy the big one is surrounded by the machines, our electricity bill is increasing again and again, and we, the inhabitants, are getting tired, again and again.
When the nurse told me the bad news, I cried a good shot, and then I fixed my head and decided I was going to fight. I’m going to go and file a complaint for the life of others, with a hundred other people who, like me, can no longer suffer and shut up. This time we say stop: for once, what if we pass the health of the population before the money? Because all this is a big deal of money! And public health, everyone doesn’t care.

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Map of patients identified in dizy le gros.
Sylvie’s house, surrounded by the parks

Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, Swift Current…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?