Illinois:This is interesting and no surprise to those of us who follow the wind escapades–thanks for sharing!

A friend has shared an update on an under-reported situation in central Illinois. The link to the latest update in the Mattoon Journal Gazette and comments on the situation follow. 
First some background info:  About 4 years ago, amid much hoopla, the Lake Land Community College received two “free” wind turbines from the Obama administration. These turbines were touted as providing free electricity to the college, AND providing training facilities for students wanting to become wind turbine technicians.

We drive by the campus most days, and we took great interest in them since turbines were being forced on us at our Ohio farm. These Illinois turbines only operated for a short time.  They have suffered lightning strikes.

Now, the college has decided to “remediate” one, & remove the blades from the other!!  The cost of dismantling these turbines is not reported separately, but the total contract is $929,000!  Quite a return on their “free” turbines!


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