In the future, the public should be prepared to see a number of fraudulent media stories like this one

Here is the fallout from an incredibly destructive wind energy industry. We are losing our birds and raptors. I’ve known it for years and that’s why I write.

An ongoing and hidden mass slaughter of birds by wind turbines has been going on for decades, while billions in corporate profits are being taken from ignorant taxpayers. It has been allowed to take place because of our corrupt government, fraudulent research and stories like this having quotes from Audubon.

If you remember nothing else from this post, remember this, any media story with a quote from Audubon, the Sierra Club and several other prominent conservation groups on the wind energy mitigation lists, is no better than a quote from a drug dealer. They say what will bring them the most money.

Despite what this rag of a newspaper and this author state, there isn’t a person in this country that should believe wind turbines are not one of the primary reasons for these bird declines. After all, this industry has been hiding for decades behind rigged research, that fails to disclose even 5% of their kill. And with endangered species, they hide 99.9% of these fatalities.

What’s missing from this article, and it is on purpose, is that most of these birds declines have taken place over the last 25 years with the meteoric escalation of bird killing wind energy.

Sadly, the real story here is that scientific integrity in this country has disappeared right along with our birds. They have been replaced with corruption and an army of green liars fleecing America. This include the sellouts at Audubon cashing in while pretending to be protecting birds. Instead of protecting dozens of species on a “green” fast track to extinction, they are sitting on the sidelines saying as little as possible about a runaway corporate monster, killing millions upon millions of our birds annually.

In the future, the public should be prepared to see a number of fraudulent media stories like this one, blaming climate and everything else for our disappearing birds. But if you don’t see any quotes or opinions from experts like me, then the stories, like this one are a ruse.


The number of birds in the United States and Canada has declined by 3 billion, or 29 percent, over the past half-century, scientists find.

Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, Swift Current…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?