Isabella Wind Watch: Things that wind salesmen say:

Things that wind salesmen say:

1) All your neighbors have signed or are planning to sign. Ask the salesman to see the actual signed leases. When he can’t produce them, call or go visit your neighbors and ask them if they signed or plan to sign. Don’t take a salesman’s word for anything.

2) We will work with you to place turbines and transmission lines where you want them. Get it all in writing…where they will build a turbine or power lines…because according to their lease, they can discuss it with you but in the end they decide what goes where.

3) Everyone who signs a lease is paid the same. While we can’t speak< for other projects, we have had 3 reports of landowners being offered money up front by Apex because they needed access to that parcel of land pretty badly. Is that fair to everyone else who signed? Couldn’t all of the leaseholders use some up front money? It should also be noted that originally Apex was offering $10,000 per year per turbine and then lowered it to $3000 per year…does that mean the earliest lease signers are getting the higher amount? That might explain why several steering committee members are so determined to get those turbines built since they were among the first to sign up.

4) There is no gag order or clause that prevents leaseholders from talking about the lease. What then, is the confidentiality clause? It states that the leaseholder is not to share details of the lease with anyone except their bankers and attorneys. Interesting…if people start sharing details they might find out some are being paid a different amount or at the very least, people will find out just how bad the lease is.

5) Turbines do not harm the land. Actually, they do…the compaction caused by cranes and heavy equipment will damage the land for years and field tile will be destroyed. Even if replaced or repaired on the leaseholders property, the tile damage can still cause problems on neighboring land. Tons of concrete and steel in the ground that will exist forever, even if the turbines are ever removed are not what was intended for precious farmland. 

6) Turbine fire, failure and collapse never happen. A little research on the internet tells a different story. They do malfunction. With setbacks as little as 1000 feet, what will happen if one collapses? Surrounded by a ripe wheat field and one happens to catch fire…what are you going to do if your house is near that field? A blade lets loose and flies off…will it reach your home?

7) The local fire departments will be trained and equipped to handle the situation. This statement is absurd. The fire department will not attempt to put out a fire on a 600 foot tower. They will protect the perimeter and try to prevent the fire from spreading. Turbine manufacturer safety manuals say that in the event of a fire NO ONE is to be any closer then 1640 feet from the turbine. What happens if your house is within that 1640 feet? Our guess would be that you will be evacuated and your house will fend for itself.

8) Turbines are good for the environment. Most people do not realize that fossil fuels are needed to build and operate these machines. They have been known to develop oil leaks,,thats right..turbines need oil to operate. They do cause bird deaths, In some cases trees are cleared to make way for a wind project. Removing tree’s for such nonsense is not environmentally friendly.

9) Wind turbines power thousands and thousands of homes. What they don’t tell you is that if we had to rely only on wind to power our homes, we would only have electricity a few hours of the day. 

10) A wind farm will generate huge amounts of tax revenue to the county and huge payouts to landowners. Will that huge tax revenue begin before or after the developer appeals the tax base in the state tax tribunal? Look it up..thats where many if not most of these turbines end up shortly after they are built. And take those huge dollar figures the salesmen give you and divide them up by 34 years…the annual figures don’t sound nearly as impressive..which might be why they tend to talk about those figures in terms of project life instead of annually.

Too many shady things being told to people. don’t forget their threats of eminent domain..that seems to have gotten more frequent as opposition has grown and they are desperate to get certain people to sign. Take their word for nothing. Get everything in writing and have everything reviewed by an experienced wind attorney. Put yourself in the control position and see how quickly they move along because they cannot work under your terms.

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