Isabella Wind Watch / Things you hear lease holders say:

Things you hear lease holders say:

1) I signed a lease but I told them where they can and cannot build and drive on my fields.
Better read that lease and all those paragraphs that say they can go wherever they want and build whatever they want on your land.

2) I signed a lease and they better not do any construction while my crops are growing. Better drive down to Coe Township..pretty sure the crops are growing there and that isn’t stopping turbine construction. They will be reimbursed for this years crop loss but not the loss that’s caused in future years from all the compaction.

3) I signed a lease but my hunting ground is safe because they won’t remove tree’s to build turbines. If that’s true why does the lease have a paragraph that says the landowner must remove tree’s if told to do so and if he/she doesn’t then the developer will bring someone in to do it?

4) I signed a lease and I’m not worried because the lease was written by a steering committee of local landowners to make sure landowners are protected. Actually that lease is a typical wind developer lease that had a few adjustments made to it at the request of the steering committee and several people with the inside scoop inadvertently mentioned that Apex paid the attorney that helped the steering committee make the minor changes. So who was thatattorney really working for?

5) I signed a lease because times are tough and these turbines are going to save the family farm. Are you leaseholders aware that if and when the turbines are built and everything is in place, any leased land that Apex decides it does not need for the project will be cut loose? So it may be premature to think that you will be getting paid for all the acreage you leased.

6) I signed a lease because what I do on my property is my business. No one will argue that point…however, when what you do on your property will impact the neighbors property for the next 34+ years then there is an issue.

7) I signed a lease because I only have an acre or two and they can’t build anything on me. Maybe not..but the papers you signed mean that if the neighbors turbine is having a negative affect on you or your property, you signed away your right to complain or seek a remedy.

8) I signed a lease because its the environmentally responsible thing to do and I want to leave a better world for future generations. So I guess the loss of valuable farmland and trees and the fact that turbines rely on fossil fuels for every aspect of these projects is okay because you have not done enough research to know that they are not the environmental saviors that the developers and climate activists tell you they are.

9) I signed a wind lease because I was told that everyone else was signing and I wanted to get paid too. So your neighbors signed away their property rights for 34 years and don’t even realize it but it seemed like a good idea to do what the neighbors are doing?

10) I signed a lease because they are coming and no one can do anything about it…but I don’t really want them here. Don’t be that guy…don’t say you feel a certain way and then jump on the band wagon anyway because you don’t want to get involved and make a stand. Stand up for yourself and realize that you don’t have to follow the herd.

Nothing good will come of this situation. The land will be forever changed. Relationships will and already have been destroyed. You won’t see all the roads paved in gold as they would like you to believe. The money they promise will not save your farms. If and when turbines get built, it will be too late to realize what a mistake it was. The only ones benefiting are the developers taking advantage of naive country folks that don’t realize they are being used.

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