It is important that we keep telling them NO to industrial wind turbines in Seneca County!!

Important Event(s) Reminder: January 14th, 15th, and 16th at 6:00 PM

The Seneca County Commissioners and Seneca Regional Planning Commission will be hosting three upcoming Community Meetings to discuss their multi-jurisdictional, next generation comprehensive plan for Seneca County.

If you are able to we encourage you all to attend so that we have a strong showing at each of these meetings:

– Folks in the Western and Central parts of Seneca County should attend your respective meetings that have been planned for Jan. 14th and 15th. Please voice your concerns with regard to Seneca County continuing to be designated as an AEZ (Alternative Energy Zone). Also make it clear that you are passionately against preventing the future development of industrial wind turbine projects in your parts of the county. While the industrial wind turbine projects that are currently being proposed for Seneca County are not directly near your homes NOW is the time to act!

– People that live in Eastern part of Seneca County that are slated to be inundated with industrial wind turbine projects such as the Seneca, Republic, and Emerson Creek Wind projects will want to attend the meeting on January 16th. It is important that you voice your objections to Seneca County having the AEZ designation. Also you need to voice your displeasure with the industrial wind turbine projects that are currently being proposed as well as making it clear that we do NOT want any future IWT projects near our homes either.

Meeting Times and Locations:
– The January 14th Meeting is at 6:00 PM at the North Central Ohio ESC which is located at 928 W Market Street in Tiffin.

– The January 15th Meeting is at 6:00 PM at the Fostoria Learning Center which is located at 343 Perry Street in Fostoria.

– The January 16th Meeting is at 6:00 PM at the Green Springs VFW 6067 which is located at 5912 County Road 44 just South of Green Springs

Many of our concerns and voices have been silenced by Commissioner Shayne Thomas and Commissioner Holly Stacy, but we MUST persevere and continue to speak out against their Pro-Wind agendas. We need to make it CLEAR that we will NEVER stop and now is the time for them to listen to the majority of their constituents and rescind the AEZ immediately!

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