Keep showing up Huron, Seneca, and Erie counties..your representatives are listening!

Showing up in great numbers at every meeting is finally paying off!

Both Ohio House and Senate members have recently written letters of complaint to  the Ohio Power Siting Board regarding Apex’s recent Emerson Creek “public meeting” in which a woman was unjustly removed from the meeting by deputies.  

There has been a record number of concerned citizens showing up at public meetings and connecting with their representatives. At question are bigwind’s methods and practices dealing with the communities of Huron, Seneca, and Erie counties.  It appears that our state representatives are listening and acting in behalf of their constituent’s concerns and complaints.

Enclosed with this post are letters sent to the Ohio Power Siting Board by both house and senate members. Also enclosed you will see the phone numbers and contact pages of these representatives whose signatures you will find on the two complaint documents.  It would be great if we all would contact these House and Senate members to say “thank you” for listening and responding to we, their constituents!

Click on the name for the contact page  or simply phone their offices with your encouragement…they’re finally beginning to “get it”!!

1. Nathan Manning  (614) 644-7613   Ohio Senate District 13

2. Dick Stein  (614) 466-9628   House District 57

3. Bill Seitz   (614) 466-8258   House District 30

4. Theresa Gavarone  (614) 466-8060   Ohio Senate District 2

5. Rob McColley  (614) 466-8150     Ohio Senate District 1

6. Matt Huffman  (614) 466-7584     Senate Majority Leader / Ohio Senate District 12

7.  Craig Riedel    (614) 644-5091     House District 82

8. Bill Reineke  (614) 466-1374     House District 88

See documents below

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[googlepdf url=”” download=”Download” ]