Keepin’ It Real & Alive!


A valuable resource for those of you interested in writing letters to the editor has just been added. You will find this resource above under the title “Contact Local Newspapers”. The list is covering the area surrounding us here in Greenwich. As always, remember to keep on “target” with 2 or 3 “talking points”. Most all newspapers have a word limit of 250-350 words. Phone numbers are included if you should want to call to verify specifics with that particular newspaper. Also, postal addresses are included if that is the way you would like to correspond.

We have labored to be accurate as of this writing but should you find any discrepancies, hit the “comment” button above this post (just under the title) and leave us a “heads up”. If you can think of any other publications that should be included here, again, hit the “comment”
button and let us know.

Last, but not least, your many voices being heard in our community will help keep the momentum of Greenwich Neighbors United message alive and will be an opportunity for each of us to take advantage of our first amendment rights!