Large wind turbine on the B58 in Haltern loses a wing

Around 3 p.m. on Monday afternoon, April 20, three loud explosive noises in halters at the lake startled numerous residents of the B 58. The cause could be seen from afar.

A wing of a wind turbine on the B58 (Weseler Straße, at Wilhelm-Koch-Straße, approx. 1 km from the driveway to the A43) had probably been kinked by the wind. It hung split from the scar. The road was completely blocked by the police.

When the first fire service arrived, another large piece of the wing fell to the ground with a loud bang. Large parts of the wing lie in a field.

The wind turbine was built in 2014. It has a hub height of 143 meters and measures 230 meters with wings. It belongs to WiKoNo GmbH, founded by Hubertus Koch from Bergbossendorf and Markus Nolte from Lippramsdorf. It cost 4.8 million euros. The machine house including the wing weighs 190 tons.


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