Letter to the Editor, Norwalk Reflector submitted by Dr. Donald T. Stewart DDS. of Greenwich, Ohio

Just use a little common sense


I find myself in the difficult position of trying to explain common sense to a society and especially a government that rarely uses it any more. This time concerning wind energy and specifically a proposed wind farm near Greenwich.

The only positive information on wind energy come from the wind turbine companies themselves, the companies that maintain and repair wind turbines, or misguided government workers attempting to justify billions of dollars waste on an industry that simply does not work without government subsidies (by the way our tax dollars). I will give the sources I used at the end of this letter but, there is abundant information from unbiased sources that support this argument and no valid information from unbiased sources that support this argument and no valid information from unbiased sources to support wind turbines. Wind Energy is the least efficient way to create energy. Nuclear, natural gas, coal and even solar energy are far more efficient ways to create energy with fossil fuels still the least expensive way to create electricity.

Wind turbines use 5 to 7 times the amount of concrete and steel per megawatt hour to create electricity as any of the other methods. It takes 8kmh wind (5mph) to make electricity. At less speeds than that the turbines are using electricity to keep them moving in hopes that the wind picks up.  There is also Generally less wind in the U.S. during summer and winter with spring and fall being windier and peak electricity requirements come in the summer for AC and winter for heat during the least windy periods. Storing electricity is cost prohibitive. Wind turbine maintenance and repair is extremely costly and they only last 7 to 10 years.

So, if wind energy is very inefficient why are there so many wind turbine proposals out there? Enter the United States government. Wind power is only affordable for companies that take government grants. The government has subsidized the wind energy industry with billions and billions of tax payer dollars. In the year 2012 the Production Tax Credits (PTC) for wind energy expired and there were no new wind turbine farms in 2013. The PTC were started again in 2014 and the wind turbine farms started to be built again. Common sense says follow the money and when the government subsidies are removed the production stops because the wind energy industry is not profitable without government support. To add insult to injury up to 84% of the government contracts and subsidies for wind energy go to foreign companies. That is not how I want my tax dollars spent! Lastly there are health concerns.

The move toward larger turbines means that sounds emitted from them is shifting to lower frequencies. This is significant because it has been demonstrated that prolonged exposure to audible low frequency sounds often cause fatigue, headaches, impaired concentration, sleep disturbances and physiological stress. That is from IOPScience-Environmental Research Letters- Infrasound and low frequency noise from wind turbines; exposure and he lath effects. There are also health concerns surrounding the electromagnetic waves produced by wind turbines. In conclusion the whole wind energy industry is a shame. The wind is unpredictable. It is the least efficient most expensive way to create electricity and the industry can only survive with billions of our tax dollars and in the end there are health consequences for those living in the area of these turbines – not to mention the fact that they are ugly and decrease property values too. Probably should write your Congress person and any body else in government you can think of.

Dr. Daniel T. Stewart