Letter to the Editor – Against wind turbines

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My wife and I, both lifelong residents of Seneca County, purchased our home in Bloom Township about two years ago. Our property/home is the definition of the Seneca County dream. Our home sits upon 18 acres that are located on the most peaceful backroad that cuts right through the beautiful countryside. In our neighborhood there are small and large farmsteads, plentiful amounts of diverse wildlife, a nature preserve, scenic Honey Creek, majestic bald eagles, multiple historical properties and, lastly, a wide-open backdrop with perfect sunrises and sunsets. During the day, you can hear the birds chirping, our two kids laughing and playing in the back yard, the occasional passing tractor. At night, mostly what you hear is peace and quiet, all while admiring the clear night sky with the moon and a sky full of stars. This place we call home is truly our paradise.

All was well for the past two years up until a month ago, when we were blindsided by a letter that we received in the mail. This letter was to inform us that the place we call our home was going to be destroyed by a proposed wind turbine project. If these wind turbine projects come to fruition, I can say without any hesitation that Seneca County will never be the same again. A majority of the county will be turned into an industrial power plant that will consist of 120-plus wind turbines that will stretch into the skyline in excess of 590 feet in total height. For some perspective, 590 feet is 170 feett taller than Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster and 45 feet taller than the Washington Monument. These are not like the little ones they have in Findlay, nor are they the same or similar size as the wind turbines that you can go see for yourself in Van Wert or Putnam County. This proposed project is slated to have 18 of these monster wind turbines with a 1.5 mile radius of my home, including the main power substation.

Why should the citizens of Seneca County let our homes, properties, lives and our county be ruined just so a few people can benefit? I now am forced every day to ask myself the following questions: Will my family be safe from the turbines that are dangerously close due to improper setback distances; will my family be able to sleep at night because of how loud the turbines will be; will we still be able to have Life Flight save our lives in the event there is an emergency; how we will we ever be able to recover the loss in my properties value; will the shadow flicker or infra-sound cause my family to develop health issues; will I be able to build something on my property or will the turbines’ safety setback prohibit me from being able to do so; and what kind of legacy are we leaving for our children and our grandchildren?

I encourage everyone who does not want to let this tragedy happen in Seneca County to attend our next Seneca Anti-Wind Union meeting at 7 p.m. May 31 at the Attica Fairgrounds Entertainment Hall. Even if you are still undecided, we would love to have you attend, as there will be much information for you. You also can visit my Facebook and The Seneca Anti-Wind Union Facebook for more information. We can and will stop this project from happening, but we will have to work together as a community! It is imperative that we all let our elected officials know where you stand on this important issue.

Chris Aichholz,


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