“We don’t want you here!” ..Logan County just says no to Big Wind 


Yesterday Jason Dagger presented Innogy’s update to the Scioto Ridge Wind Project which is sited primarily in Hardin County with a spillover of approximately 10 turbines into Logan County. This is an OPSB approved project.

As the 2016 Examiner report explains, EverPower declared they would not build in Logan County without the PILOT. The Logan County Commissioners responded to their constituents and denied the PILOT in June, 2016.

Recently Innogy purchased EverPower and the decision has been made to site turbines in Logan County without the PILOT. Mr. Dagger informed the Logan County Commissioners yesterday that the intent is to include Logan County in the Scioto Ridge footprint.

The goal of Logan County Prosecutor Eric Stewart is to finalize a Road Use Maintenance Agreement (RUMA) with Innogy which states the conditions they must follow when using our county and township roads. Innogy has indicated they wish to add conditions to this agreement.

On very short notice, we alerted you to this hastily called meeting. Approximately 25 informed and concerned citizens attended. Many reaffirmed their opposition to this project and no one spoke in favor. The citizens have been complimented on the respect and courtesy they displayed and the intelligent and targeted questions asked of Mr. Dagger.

Mr. Dagger’s vagueness and lack of response to those questions was obvious.

Commissioner Antrim invited Mr. Dagger to begin the meeting with his presentation. At the conclusion of that presentation, Mr. Antrim responded that though you have updated us on these changes, Logan County’s position has not changed. We do not want you here.

Sincere thanks to all who attended and to all who were not able to attend but wish to be kept informed. Regretfully, a pre-planned appointment prevented our attendance at this important meeting.

Every effort will be made to keep you up to date on this situation.

Thank you for your continued resistance to turbine siting in Logan County.

Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, Swift Current…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?