Lying Sacks Inc. a.k.a. Apex

Jason Biller

This is a joke, as is most of what wind companies will tell you. Everything they say sounds all warm and fuzzy on the surface until you put some thought to it.

They are correct, humans have been using wind powered grain mills and water pumps since as far back as 500 A.D.

But if wind energy, which was one of our first energy sources, was so “dependable” humans wouldn’t have had to create so many new reliable sources of energy to power our everyday living since then. We could have just kept refining the original source we already knew about.

We didn’t already have this magical and “dependable” energy source and then poof, one day we said “You know what? ? As “reliable” as this wind energy source, that we already have, is I sure would like to dig in the ground, go thousands of feet beneath the earth, have me and thousands of my fellow humans die of collapsed tunnels, black lung and toxic air, and get to pollute the air and water where I live yet to boot, just for kicks and giggles.” “Wouldn’t that be a nutty blast?”

No. We were forced to create new sources of energy from ever new technologies as we went along precisely because our old sources, like wind, were undependable, intermittent, and weak.

Don’t let these wind companies fool you with their made up, warm and fuzzy, propaganda. Wind technology is basically the same as it was in the days of Don Quixote. Why rely on an ancient technology that would require 600,000 turbines (10 times as many than what already exist), plus you still have to depend on another power source to back them up when they fail you, to provide us power in the US, when we have new technologies that are much more effective, efficient, reliable and cleaner for the environment?

Quit falling for their lies.