Lying tactics leveled once again at Chris Aicholz of SAWU by “no name” reporter (Excellent response by Jeremy Kitson)

“I want it to be clear that there has been zero funding provided to Seneca Anti-Wind Union from any outside big oil, big coal or dark money organizations!,” SAWU leader Chris Aichholz once stated in a letter-to-the-editor.

    Tony Glass This article is misleading. John Stock is an experienced property rights, land use litigation attorney. This is conveniently not mentioned in the article. It doesn’t take an Einstein to understand the connection between industrial wind turbines in populated areas and the need for such an attorney. This site seems bent on fanning the flames of division that these wind projects have brought to our community all for the sake of bringing traffic and profit to their website. This is sad ?
      Jeremy Kitson Tony Glass and notice it’s written by “staff”. What is your actual name that wrote the article? You sure as hell aren’t afraid to trash one man yet you have no courage to put your name on the article. What a joke.

    Jeremy Kitson You people are something else. This is typical wind industry spewed garbage. You don’t know a thing about science and economics. Bailing out coal is not on the agenda for these good people. It’s pork added by corrupt politicians. If you have any semblance of concern for the environment then you’ll understand the need for nuclear. Germany vs France, look it up. Germany has 10X the emissions and 50% higher electric bills because they forced wind and solar onto their citizens. 

    The true story of this bill is as follows:

    1. Our current RPS and EE mandates extract $402 million per year from Ohioans. That RPS is scheduled to increase to 12.5% by 2027 and economic analyses all agree that would extract over $800 million annually when the plan is fully matured. 

    2. There is NO SUNSET date on the RPS or EE mandates.

    3. The nuclear bailout extracts $150 million annually and expires in 6 years. You do the math at what harms more Ohioans. It’s not even close on a monstrous scale that these programs are complete theft from us all to prop up 2 industries that can’t do a darn thing to help the environment.

    4. This bill gives every landowner equal property right and property value protection from parasitic wind companies.

    5. The federal incentives given to wind and solar completely distort the market.

    You should be ashamed at yourself for becoming complete hacks like outfits like the Energy and Policy Institute (who will never share how they are funded), the Checks and Balances Project, and the leftists at Ohio Citizen Action. 

    If I were you I wouldn’t forget who the broad base of your readership is, and that’s rural Republicans, if you want to sustain your business.

    I personally challenge you to a public debate on energy policy. You name the time and place. You pick whoever you want to represent you. I’ll represent our side. And I’ll do it for $0.00 exactly like Chris Aichholz and the rest of the good citizens of Seneca County.