Revised memo from Kevin Ledet, GNU president

May 4, 2016

To all opposed to the wind project,

The Supreme Court of the state of Ohio has dismissed our case against the OPSB and Windlab. This ruling has more to do with procedure than the truth. We got involved too late, according to the rules that are presently in place that govern the siting of wind facilities.

That being said, Windlab has defined 124 adjacent property owners to the wind project. In order for the minimum setback of a turbine from the property of a nonparticipating owner to be violated, waivers must be obtained from them. If you are against this project, I urge you not to sign anything that Windlab offers you.

There are also various nonparticipating properties that will experience more noise and or shadow flicker than is allowed. I would urge any property owner not to sign or take any money from the developer until you fully understand what you are doing. Once you sign off and receive payment, it appears that you have no recourse left, you are stuck with your decision.

I still want to encourage all of you to keep up the fight. There has been much accomplished and there is still much to do. Thanks again to all those who pitched in at our various fund raisers and informational meetings. We also have more STOP THE TURBINES signs. If you want one call 419-706-3997.

Kevin Ledet

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