More from France – Turbines making people sick! (English translation)

I’m sick…. and… I was for wind turbines!

Testimony of Evelyne Geoffroy, Puisieux-Clanlieu, France

My name is Evelyne Geoffroy, and I live in the commune of Puisieux-Clanlieu, in the Ardennes. With my husband, we live in a small house on a big land. Our Department is flooded with projects and constructions of wind farms, but until then, it didn’t really bother me: I thought it was the future, the new ecology, and then, we have to say that from our house we do not Let’s see none. The first are more than two kilometers away. Around there are hundreds, but our house is located in a place that is still visually preserved!
I also had no particular health problems, until April 2019: I accidentally broke my wrist, and then my life turned… Operation, installation of a titanium plate in my arm…. You’re going to tell me, what is the connection between a broken member and wind turbines in the landscape…. I admit it took me a little while to dare to talk about the strange symptoms I felt to my surgeon and my doctor.
These symptoms, here they are: I don’t need to look out the window anymore to find out if there’s wind. The days when there are, I open my eyes in the morning in my bed and the room starts to turn, turn, furniture turn, walls turn… me who used to get up pretty quickly from my bed , I need more than half an hour to set up. And then it’s tinnitus, vertigo that doesn’t let me go, while I’m at home.
We often go to my husband’s family in burgundy where there is no wind turbine around. There, all symptoms disappear. And that’s not all: on the way back, the phenomenon is absolutely striking and strange: The Tinnitus suddenly return from troyes to Reims. In this place, wind farms are so numerous that we sometimes confuse the red lights in the distance with those of the cars that brake. Then my evil fades. But he returns to the ardennes from monceau-Le-Neuf.
Then I wondered what my body “monitored”, and I told myself about it to the surgeon who operated on my wrist. He didn’t take me for a crazy girl. I asked him if the titanium plate that was entered into my body could have an impact or a connection with the infrasound, or the electromagnetic fields of wind turbines. He said he was going to find out. I also told my attending doctor who advised me to move! I admit that I had a lot of trouble talking about how I felt, because it seems crazy, and I know very well what they say to those who complain: “it’s psychological”. except that… I don’t see why I would start developing a brutal ill-being against something that I wouldn’t miss and that didn’t bother me: the wind turbines. So, no, I’m not crazy, and I’m telling you, languages need to be changed, because there is a big public health problem. These machines are installed without any objective prior study on human and animal health. By daring to discuss it, I realized that I was far from being the only one in this case…. I know it’s a bit of the pot against the iron pot, but I decided to go and file a complaint with a A hundred people who are tired of silence and suffering. All suffer from health problems, all live in my department that is invaded by wind turbines. They were doing very well before the installation of all these parks. In Burgundy, where my doctor advised me to move, parks projects are starting to see the day… if they are built, where will I be able to live?

Legend Map: the house of evelyne, surrounded on the map, and surrounded by the parks.

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