Ohio HB 223–please email your opposition comments soon!

Letters of opposition to House Bill 223 are urgently requested. No form letters, but personal opposition remarks against altering the minimum setbacks for wind turbines.

Points to emphasize:

  • It is poor policy to reduce setback distances while turbines are getting taller.
  • Larger rotor diameters mean longer throw distances.
  • No state or local jurisdiction in the nation is known to be reducing setbacks.
  • At a minimum, the General Assembly should not take action while the Ohio Power Siting Board is in the middle of rulemaking on blade shear.
  • One might also ask the sponsors and co-sponsors what documentation they are relying on that specifies a setback that is not only safe from blade shear but also protects against the nuisance effects that the participating landowner has waived such as noise, vibration, shadow flicker, etc.


Send emails to the sponsors/co-sponsors of HB 223 and copy the members of the House Public Utilities Committee.

Representative Seitz has CCed members of the Public Utilities Committee in his letter below–the addresses are there for you to copy. Add Rep. Seitz–Rep30@ohiohouse.gov and Rep06@ohiohouse.gov to the cc list.

Also include PUCO Chairman Sam Randazzo Samuel.Randazzo@puco.ohio.gov

Thank you very much!