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May 27, 2018

Big wind has big plans for Seneca County. There are now at least four possible wind farms that would cover almost the entire eastern half of the county. If these projects all go forward, more than 200 industrial wind turbines could cover Adams, Pleasant, Reed, Scipio, Thompson, Venice, Eden and Bloom townships.

There is growing concern among non-participating property owners that this potential change in our environment may cost us the peaceful enjoyment of our own homes, diminished property values, and even our potential health and safety. If you haven’t already started to research the wind industry’s full impact on a community, we urge you to please start.

For example, earlier this week, my wife spoke with two leaseholders who are receiving monetary compensation from Apex Clean Energy for agreeing to host turbines on their land. During those Continue reading The Advertiser- Tribune


How to Fight the Big Wind Onslaught – Yes, this is war…

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Webmaster’s Note: When we first moved into Greenwich Township some 7 years ago, it was our intention to embrace the rural lifestyle and to enjoy the “openness” of country living. One of the first things I discovered was…that is exactly why most people take to living in the “country” in the first place. Another thing that I noticed is that country people enjoy the quietness and the independence of being a  part of such a community. Well, in the last 4 years when Greenwich Township got caught in the cross hairs of industrial wind,  that quiet and independent lifestyle has been sorely challenged by the biggest scam that has ever been perpetrated  on mankind!  

The following article ” How to Fight the Big Wind Onslaught” was introduced to us early in our fight against Windlab., I thought it was too harsh a stance to embrace (remember, we were just “newbies” at this). However, after time has passed, reality has set in. So, as the entire state of Ohio is now under siege by the Industrial Wind Cartel with the blessing of “paid for” politicians, we find our homes, families, property rights, health, etc. under attack. Buckle up everyone, this guy does not mince words! This article speaks even more accurately and loudly than it ever has! It is in that spirit that I now share this article with all fellow wind warriors..this is war!

How to Fight the Big Wind Onslaught Continue reading How to Fight the Big Wind Onslaught – Yes, this is war…


If Renewables Are So Great for the Environment, Why Do They Keep Destroying It?

Wind turbines in Germany could lead to the extinction of the porpoise. Migratory bats could could go extinct if the expansion of wind energy continues. A California solar farm required the killing of hundreds of tortoises. Can scientists and conservationists stop the killing before it’s too late?

Source: If Renewables Are So Great for the Environment, Why Do They Keep Destroying It?


Why wind and power depends on petroleum and natural gas – Fuels Get Us Where We Want To Go | ImagineThat

What keeps a wind turbine turning? Yes, it’s a trick question. You need a good breeze, of course – but there’s something else that’s essential, something that you might not associate with wind power. And that something, would be oil or natural gas.  Yep.  Wind power depends on the hydrocarbon. That’s because inside those turbines […]

Source: Why wind and power depends on petroleum and natural gas – Fuels Get Us Where We Want To Go | ImagineThat


Sandusky Register / LISTEN: Anti-wind enery activists speak out

SANDUSKY — All good things must come to an end, at least for now.

In this season finale of “Bird Nerd,” the conversation moves away from awesome springtime birding and takes a more serious tone.

Early last week, I was contacted by a member of the Seneca Anti-Wind Union after she listened to a few episodes of the podcast.

Bellevue resident and beekeeper Deb Hay had plenty of information to share about the dangers migratory birds might face with several Continue reading Sandusky Register / LISTEN: Anti-wind enery activists speak out


The Wind Energy Fiasco, Writ Large

Until such time as electricity can be stored at scale, wind energy is a terrible idea. Across the U.S., wind turbines produce electricity approximately 40% of the time. That means they are unreliable. Since we expect the lights to go on 100% of the time, we need enough reliable energy sources–coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydroelectric–to meet peak load. Which means that wind energy is inevitably an expensive sideshow. Why do

Source: The Wind Energy Fiasco, Writ Large


Letter to the Editor – Against wind turbines

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My wife and I, both lifelong residents of Seneca County, purchased our home in Bloom Township about two years ago. Our property/home is the definition of the Seneca County dream. Our home sits upon 18 acres that are located on the most peaceful backroad that cuts right through the beautiful countryside. In our neighborhood there are small and large farmsteads, plentiful amounts of diverse wildlife, a nature preserve, scenic Honey Creek, majestic bald eagles, multiple historical properties and, lastly, a wide-open backdrop with perfect sunrises and sunsets. During the Continue reading Letter to the Editor – Against wind turbines


Setback Legislation to Move Forward Next Week

This is an alert to let you know that setback legislation is moving forward.  We understand that Dolan’s setback reduction language in SB 238, will be moved into HB 114 and will be offered at the May 16th meeting of the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee. The Committee meets at 2:30 p.m. in the Senate Finance Hearing Room. The revised bill will be known as Substitute HB 114.  There will be NO OPPORTUNITY to testify at this hearing.  It is important for all readers to know that this is the starting point for discussion and what is introduced is not necessarily what will finally pass out of the Committee.

HB 114 (changing renewable energy mandates into “goals”)  has already passed the House of Representatives. When and if Sub. HB 114 is approved by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and, thereafter by the full Senate, the bill will go to the House only for a Yes or No vote to concur with the new substitute Continue reading Setback Legislation to Move Forward Next Week


Wind Energy’s Absurd – Invasive Species

Sometimes shortsighted idiots introduce a species into our countries that don’t belong. They adversely affect the environment, the wildlife and the people who live there.

Sometimes they are hard to manage. They breed. They push out the indigenous, kill the wildlife that dares to come too close and they destroy everywhere that they settle.

Governments actively encourage their introduction against the wishes of the people who have to live with them. They grow across Continue reading Wind Energy’s Absurd – Invasive Species


Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, WindLab…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?