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Our friend Senator Rob McColley of Napoleon is facing two primary challengers to retain his seat that was vacated by Cliff Hite.  Bob Barker, Jr. and Craig Kupferberg are the Republican primary opponents.  Kupferberg of Findlay, 59, is a former Findlay High School principal (friend of Hite?), and Robert D. Barker Jr., 53,comes from Van Wert but we know little about him.  The winner will compete in November against Democrat Adam Papin, 36, of Bryan, who is unopposed in his party’s primary.  Senator McColley’s district covers all of Henry, Putnam, Williams, Defiance, Paulding, Hancock, Van Wert and Hardin counties; the southeastern corner of Fulton County; and northern sections of Auglaize and Logan counties.  This is a very important race and it cannot be stressed enough that people need to get out and VOTE overwhelmingly for McColley.  You can vote right now if you would like. This race will send an important message about wind development in rural NW Ohio.

Rep. Robert Sprague from Findlay is running for State Treasurer.  His House seat is being contested in the Republican primary by Republican Cheryl Buckland, 64, of Findlay, who will face Jon Cross, 39, of Kenton. Buckland is a Republican State Central Committee member. Cross, of Kenton, is president/chief executive officer and Continue reading Wind News – Politics!


OHIO–LTE from Van Wert County resident

 To the editor,

Mr. Purmort stated that the financial benefits of wind turbines are nearly risk free and that the Van Wert City Schools are on an unlevel playing field. Mr. Turnwald says that while Crestview and Lincolnview are working on infrastructure projects Van Wert Schools just wants a few ball fields. Mrs. Hurless and Mrs. Kaufman states that Van Wert has never been able to build a bus barn and that the city schools have more challenges than the rural schools.

Being a resident of Harrison Township and living in the Crestview School district for 60 years, I would like to say that the wind turbines are not risk free. People living in the rural area would have to look at, and hear these turbines 24/7, not to mention possible health effects they may cause some people.

Crestview was constructed in the early 1990’s with a grant from the state. To receive the grant the residents also had to pass a tax levy. No wind turbines paid for the construction of the school. Continue reading OHIO–LTE from Van Wert County resident


Why wind and power depends on petroleum and natural gas – Fuels Get Us Where We Want To Go | ImagineThat

What keeps a wind turbine turning? Yes, it’s a trick question. You need a good breeze, of course – but there’s something else that’s essential, something that you might not associate with wind power. And that something, would be oil or natural gas.  Yep.  Wind power depends on the hydrocarbon. That’s because inside those turbines […]

Source: Why wind and power depends on petroleum and natural gas – Fuels Get Us Where We Want To Go | ImagineThat


LTE – Negative physical effects of industrial wind turbines

Negative physical effects of industrial wind turbines

Dear Editor, 

I have presented the negative physical effects of IWTs at multiple meetings in the last year, including a WECS meeting, planning commission meetings, county commissioner meetings, etc. These health problems include headaches, ringing of the ears, sleep disruption, mood disturbances, and an increased incidence of heart attacks in people living in the vicinity of these turbines.

The following link,, shows that German researchers have proven that the infrasound linked to the turbines can cause a decrease in the force of contraction in heart muscle up to 20 percent. In a person with a healthy heart, this would not normally be a problem, but in someone with heart failure, or a weakened heart from infection or a prior heart attack this could be potentially fatal. Continue reading LTE – Negative physical effects of industrial wind turbines


Against wind turbines – Seneca & surrounding counties

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Against turbine project

Residents hear arguments in opposition to Republic development

PHOTO BY JIMMY FLINT Seneca County Commissioner Mike Kerschner (foreground) listens to a presentation from a group that opposes wind turbine projects in the area during an event at Bellevue VFW Thursday night. More than 100 people attended.

More than 100 people, mostly from Seneca County, gathered Thursday night to hear from opponents of wind turbine projects in the area.

The Seneca Anti-Wind Union held the event in Bellevue to discuss the consequences of several pending wind turbine projects, including APEX Clean Energy’s Republic Wind project, which could bring 55-58 wind turbines, mostly in Seneca.

The proposed project in Seneca and Sandusky counties covers about 30,000 acres — roughly south of Green Springs, north of Republic and southwest of Bellevue. The proposed turbines are to generate about 200 megawatts of electricity and APEX officials claim the 30-year deal would bring about $29 million to landowners, $36 million Continue reading Against wind turbines – Seneca & surrounding counties


SIZE COMPARISON 600′ Wind Turbine

600′ Wind Turbine vs landmarks in Durand 
(Height of the water tower estimated at 175′)


Wind and or lightning Tuesday night into Wednesday damaged a wind turbine on the Hog Creek Industrial wind complex

Wind Turbine Damaged in Storm

Posted Wednesday Afternoon by WKTN News

Wind and or lightning Tuesday night into Wednesday damaged a wind turbine on the Hog Creek Wind Farm near Dola.

A blade on a turbine was partially broke sometime during the storm. Lightning accompanied a storm that rolled through the area Tuesday night and was followed by wind gusts close to 50 miles hour Wednesday morning.


A spokesperson for the company said they are currently assessing the damage to figure out exactly what happened.

The turbine damaged was located  on County Road 125 near County Road 30 near Dola.


🤗 Hooray! let the dominoes keep falling!!

This article is an upbeat chipper way of NextEra trying to cut their losses and keep a brave face as to not spook their investors but industrial wind is having a hard time across the board.

NextEra selling Ontario wind & solar assets

NextEra Energy Partners, LP announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) for the sale of its portfolio of wind and solar generation assets in Ontario, Canada, for a total consideration of about $582.3 million. This includes the net present value of the O&M origination fee, subject to customary working capital and other adjustments, plus the assumption by the purchaser of approximately $689 million USD in existing debt.

Wind turbines

The transaction includes the sale of six fully contracted wind and solar assets with an average contract life of about 16 years.

“We are pleased to reach this agreement with CPPIB for the sale of our Canadian portfolio, which we expect will be accretive to NextEra Energy Partners’ long-term growth,” said Jim Robo, chairman and chief executive officer. Continue reading 🤗 Hooray! let the dominoes keep falling!!


More outcries & resistance from rural America!

I can’t decide if this should be a letter to the editor or for commissioners. But I’m sharing it with y’all for sure!

Sunday, April 1, 2018
4:07 PM

I have sat and contemplated writing the following. I know I’m going to make some people angry, but I really think it needs to be said. There has been a lot of discussion done in regards the the proposed Industrial wind companies coming in and building monstrosities. I am personally sick and tired of having “science” shoved down my throat because I do not believe that the IWTs (that are hundreds of feet tall) belong in populated rural areas. People who live in the county are told “its just a little noise” or “the illnesses don’t exist because my science says so”. I have also heard “bring Montgomery County into the 21st century”, blah, blah, blah. The only statistic I’m going to throw out there is from the Dept. of Energy website. A whopping 6.3% of the nation’s electricity was produced by wind in 2017. So people can save their breath when they try to tell me that this isn’t a money driven move.

And for those who really think this is going to bring jobs to our Continue reading More outcries & resistance from rural America!


Mindy Kitson from Van Wert, Ohio Blue Creek windfarm debacle, the gloves are coming off!

 “Contrary to the mailer (refer to  previous story: , please know that I am simply resolved not to let Big Wind and their allies ruin rural Ohio with their unsafe and unsightly, expensive and intermittent wind turbines just to line the pockets of a few farmers willing to sell their neighbors down the river by advocating for wind turbine setbacks that are measured from one’s home, instead of from one’s property line. Anyone who has ever lived in a home knows that we like to use the yard we have for gardening, picnicking, shooting hoops, swimming, fishing, and a host of other activities that involve core private property rights. Big Wind, ever desperate to put more turbines in smaller spaces in Continue reading Mindy Kitson from Van Wert, Ohio Blue Creek windfarm debacle, the gloves are coming off!

This story is being played out in rural communities everywhere the scam turbines invade…


Seriously considering moving out of the county. Going through some paperwork, I was reminded of the issues we had getting inspector sign-off on the various parts of our house. It took three visits to get our basement stairs approved because the top step was a fraction of inch too far from floor level. There was no way that guy was going to sign off until it was within the approved measurements.

Pretty hard to argue with that. It’s a safety regulation and it’s enforced. Someone is assigned to check it by measuring it with a ruler and has the authority to enforce the regulation. All for the safety of the homeowner. Continue reading This story is being played out in rural communities everywhere the scam turbines invade…


Photos: Wind turbine catches fire, sparks grass fire in western Oklahoma

Webmaster’s Note: As you can see, these turbines are located in a much less densely populated area.. But that is not the case in Huron County, Ohio! Do you really think that the wind cartel and their “paid for politicians” have our best interest at heart ?  Especially when they keep trying to get these behemoths closer & closer to your house? As you look at these pictures, try to imagine your house, barn, any out building or livestock,  1125 feet from this catastrophe! What are we thinking? Oh, I forgot…you don’t have to think when there is soooo much money to be had.. 😣


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Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, WindLab…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?