Oh the irony and hypocrisy.

These people love when industrial wind turbine development occurs in rural areas but when a project is proposed near them they hire powerful lawyers and lobbyist to get it shut down!! 🤔🤔

EAST HAMPTON, N.Y. — This affluent enclave on the East End of Long Island is steeped in eco-conscious pride, with strict water quality and land preservation rules and an abundance of electric cars on the roads.

So at first, many happily embraced a plan for an offshore wind farm that would help lead the way as New York State sets some of the most ambitious green energy goals in the country. Continue reading Oh the irony and hypocrisy.

OPSB hears local testimony about proposed Republic Wind project

A public hearing at Tiffin University’s Marion Center was hosted by the Ohio Power Siting Board Thursday afternoon to hear public testimony from area citizens

Source: https://www.advertiser-tribune.com/news/local-news/2019/09/opsb-hears-local-testimony-about-proposed-republic-wind-project/?fbclid=IwAR2cwW3kgG-coHl7z2vzKECN6NqQBUMP4lkLSM1TSThMI5Ft8ZoiMxokE3c

OPSB hears public arguments about Republic Wind Farm

A large wind farm project that has been in development for close to a decade is now getting closer to being completed, or possibly denied. The APEX Clean Energy Wind Farm would bring up to 47 wind turbines to Seneca and Sandusky Counties. While APEX says that number could be as low as 35, many residents in the area are very concerned with the size of these wind turbines. “They’re 600 feet or more. In Republic Wind, they’ll be 602 feet high.

Source: OPSB hears public arguments about Republic Wind Farm

Local Control Under Assault

One hundred years ago, the poet W.B. Yeats wrote a poem called the Second Coming where he says, “Things fall apart, the center cannot hold.”   Some scholars think this line meant that the forces that should bring order are failing to do so.   We have a sense of déjà vu with epic wind battles taking place everywhere we look as the wind lobby marches on to demolish local governments.  In Ohio, we wait Continue reading Local Control Under Assault

Excellent LTE

Here is a fantastic Letter to the Editor written by Dawn Hoepf that appeared in today’s Advertiser Tribune Newspaper.

This is why we need everyone to show up on Thursday for the OPSB Public Hearing for Republic Wind LLC. If we all stand together they can NOT shove these projects down our throats. Bring a friend, a neighbor, your family to OPPOSE the Republic Wind Project (APEX)! (click on pic to enlarge)

Wind News- Buckeye Wind Blows Away

After nearly thirteen years, EverPower and its successor, Innogy, has surrendered its certificates for the Champaign Wind and Buckeye Wind projects in Champaign County Ohio. A copy of the official relinquishment is attached. There will likely be a report in the Urbana Daily Citizen tomorrow and we will make it available to you.

Steadfast community resistance can be a long and often thankless Continue reading Wind News- Buckeye Wind Blows Away

Action Alert

We need your help submitting comments to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as they review the Seneca Wind Project. As many of you know in the past month(s) Seneca Wind mislabeled their projects location as “Bloomfield” instead of “Bloomville” because of this the FAA is making them start all over again.
Because of this we need to flood the FAA with our concerns regarding the negative impacts that the Seneca Wind Project will have to our airports, life flight, and aerial agricultural applicators. Below is a step-by-step process on how to create an account with Continue reading Action Alert

Trump Says He’s Unwilling to Risk U.S. Energy Wealth for Windmill ‘Dreams’

President Donald Trump scoffed yet again at a source of electricity championed by his own energy secretary, saying wind power doesn’t work “all that well.”

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-08-26/trump-unwilling-to-risk-u-s-energy-wealth-for-windmill-dreams?fbclid=IwAR226AP8E-GKC2VQYb3mOTyMCUEbI02oJ0AaeNVkgL2JsfZKmvj3suz1_OQ

Permanent destruction of the land for a “technology” that works only when the wind blows…?

Saving Rural Iowa

The big hole pictures showing what goes in the ground. Thousands of truck loads of gravel, rebar and concrete. Taking the good earth and making it crappy earth.

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Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, Swift Energy…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?