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Just a “heads up” for all you wind warriors. I was recently contacted by a nice lady by the name of Carolyn.  These folks are from Minnesota and, like Ohio, got caught in the cross hairs of Big Wind. They will be added to the menu on the left of the home page. I think you will find this interesting, this is what she wrote in her email:

Just surfing to find others in the USA that are fighting the fight on wind turbines:) Thank you for your wonderful site! BTW that airplane video is our local pilot in S. MN he lives a mile from me… I did share your site on our site. we are locking up wind rights as on easement on land that does not want turbines..if we get 30% the Large companies cannot get MISO approval and they move on. First ever done as MN has wind and land separate. check out our site!
www.WindLocked.com Thanks! Carolyn



Wind News – News too Good to be True (but it is…)


Who says “bad things come in threes”?  This week good things came in threes.   This issue of Wind News is important for all Wind Warriors.  We bring you news of two court decisions that rule in favor of citizens litigating the encroachment of wind turbine effects on non-participating property.  The third piece of good news came in the tax reform proposal released in Congress this week.  It is certainly likely that the final tax package will change before it is adopted and whether the special breaks for wind survive is up in the air.   It could potentially cripple many projects.

In a left-over Halloween scare –  Wind Power Engineering published a story which implies that “retired” Senator Cliff Hite continues to advise pro-wind advocates on how to counter those noisy wind-warriors in NW Ohio. “Hite says experience shows that about 20 to 30% of people have misinformed themselves and will be anti-wind no matter what. “But a large majority support the industry. Some of those supporters are very quiet. They don’t like coming under verbal attack by people who are against it. That’s fine. I get that. They’re humble people.”    Advisor Hite goes on to warn: Continue reading Wind News – News too Good to be True (but it is…)


Wind News- Now What?


As more information is made public about the predatory practices of former Ohio Senator Cliff Hite there is talk of possible of criminal charges.   We have no idea what the outcome will be but think that Cliff Hite is now safely in the rearview mirror of Northwestern Ohioans.  So the question becomes NOW WHAT?  Will SB 188 remain viable? Who will succeed Hite?   Who will take up the crusade to destroy the northwestern quadrant of the state?

Wind News visited with various members of the legislature last week to sort things out and to reiterate our concerns.   A visit with Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Troy Balderson confirmed that things are still somewhat up in the air.  Hearings on SB 188 have been suspended for the moment.   This break provides an opportunity to further educate members of the committee on the issue of setbacks.   The message is that industrial wind turbine setbacks are not a jobs issue nor are they a power generation issue.  Setbacks are a ZONING issue.  

By modifying setback measurement to habitable structures rather than property lines, the adverse effects of shadow flicker and noise are allowed to burden the neighboring property of the non-participating landowner.  The consequence of this trespass is an uncompensated easement for nuisance.  As we explained to Senator Continue reading Wind News- Now What?


OPSB postpones adjudicatory hearing for proposed Lake Erie wind farm

COLUMBUS, OHIO (Oct. 26, 2017) – The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) has postponed the adjudicatory hearing previously scheduled for Icebreaker Windpower, Inc.’s application to construct a wind-powered electric generation facility in Lake Erie. The OPSB will reschedule the adjudicatory hearing at a later date.

The postponement does not affect the local public hearing scheduled for Nov. 8, 2017, at 6 p.m., at Cleveland City Council Chambers, Cleveland City Hall, 2nd Floor – Room 216, 601 Lakeside Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114. The local public hearing will proceed as scheduled in order to afford the public an opportunity to testify about the proposed facility. Additionally, the OPSB will schedule a Continue reading OPSB postpones adjudicatory hearing for proposed Lake Erie wind farm


Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, WindLab…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?