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OMEGA Crop Co., filed a second application for rehearing with the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) in Case No 13-0990-EL-BGN today. This second application for rehearing asserts that the Ohio Power Siting Board acted outside the law when it issued the Greenwich Windpark LLC a certificate and by indicating that it is yet possible to build the wind farm by securing needed waivers from the minimum setback requirements.

In OMEGA’s first application for hearing, OMEGA argued that 62% of the proposed wind turbines violate Ohio’s minimum setback requirements. Although the OPSB in its August 27, 2015 order rejected OMEGA’s claims regarding OPSB’s failure to follow the law, Continue reading GREENWICH NEIGHBORS UNITED CONTINUES TO CHALLENGE OHIO POWER SITING BOARD ON THE GREENWICH WINDPARK


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The residents of Greenwich Township have decided to continue the fight against the wind turbine development that is being proposed in their area. Although the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) did not grant OMEGA’s application for rehearing, it did agree that the Greenwich Windpark cannot start construction of a wind farm where 62% of the proposed 25 wind turbines violate Ohio’s minimum setback requirements until Greenwich Windpark gets waivers from all owners of property adjoining the wind farm.
Kevin Ledet, Chairperson of Greenwich Neighbors United (GNU), said, “We are meeting with our local officials and residents to educate them on the order and how we may proceed. It is our understanding that the company cannot move forward until they have all the waivers from adjacent property owners in place, and Continue reading GREENWICH RESIDENTS CONTINUE TO BATTLE AGAINST WIND TURBINES


Press Release
July 13, 2015

Contact Information:
Kevin Ledet, Chairperson
Greenwich Neighbors United

The residents of Greenwich watch and wonder if the changes made in the recently signed budget bill (HB 64) will impact the potential development of Greenwich Windpark. Governor Kasich signed the biennial budget bill which creates a new tax break for wind power and eases restrictions on turbines, but many of the changes appear to be geared toward attracting a new data center to central Ohio. The legislation also exempts certain wind farms that have already been certified for construction from increased setback requirements the legislature imposed last year. In addition, a Continue reading GNU WATCHFUL OF WIND ENERGY POLICY DECISIONS AT STATEHO– USE


Greenwich Neighbors United (GNU) a group of property owners began their journey over a year ago, and they continue to fight and grow in numbers. During the summer of 2014, a small number of residents started discussing the proposed wind park development that might come to their community. The Greenwich Windpark is seeking authorization to place 25 wind turbines, each 490.5 feet tall with propeller diameters of up to 383 feet and covering 4,650 acres of land in Greenwich. (Greenwich is a village in Huron County, Ohio with a population of 1,476 residents.)

Several members of the community began educating themselves Continue reading GNU Press Release – SMALL TOWN FIGHTS BIG WIND

GNU Press Release June 30, 2015


Over 70 members of the Greenwich Community joined together last Saturday for fun, fellowship and to get an update on the proposed wind turbine development proposed in Greenwich. (The case is pending before the Ohio Power Siting Board, #13-990-EL-BGN.) The Ice Cream Social was hosted by Greenwich Neighbors United (GNU) and was held at the Coon Hunter’s Club.

Jane Hicks, life-long resident of Greenwich, welcomed everyone to Continue reading GNU Press Release June 30, 2015

Greenwich Neighbors United Come together again to reaffirm “No Wind Turbines in Greenwich!”

f02e259a61e4a1036affed5ffc3e4fc3The community of Greenwich has rallied  once again together in the form of an “Ice Cream Social/ Meat Raffle” event that continues to underscore the community’s resolve to not become a host to industrial electrical wind turbines! As we have come to know, fighting Big Wind and the corrupted government supporting them takes money, time, and resources.  Not only does it take money to fight, but it takes money to keep our name (GNU) and our cause before the public’s eye. Yes, I guess you could say “It does takes a village and a township” to get the job done!

We also want to congratulate the winners of the meat raffle! There Continue reading Greenwich Neighbors United Come together again to reaffirm “No Wind Turbines in Greenwich!”

Fighting Big Wind – The Greenwich Story

Todd Hill for the Telegraph-Forum
November 7, 2014

“Stop the wind turbines!” “Say no to wind turbines!” “Wind turbines, go away!”

Drive around rural Ohio long enough, particularly the parts of the state that are flat and dominated by large, agricultural fields, and you’re bound to see signs voicing these sentiments in the front yards of property owners.

Fifteen miles north of Mansfield, just north of the Richland County line near the Huron County village of Greenwich, red and white anti-wind farm signs have sprouted like weeds. A subsidiary of Windlab Developments USA Ltd. wants to build a 25-turbine wind farm on 4,600 acres of leased land just south and east of the village.

The Greenwich Wind Park was approved by the Ohio Power Siting Board in late August.

“We first identified the site and approached landowners to discuss the project concept in 2010. Since that time, the project has benefited from significant community support throughout an extensive development and OPSB process,” Monica Jensen, vice president of Windlab Developments USA, said.

“Now that the project has been approved, Windlab looks forward to completing this project for the benefit of both involved landowners and the neighboring community.”

Well, not so fast.

Continue reading Fighting Big Wind – The Greenwich Story

Greenwich Wind Farm costing taxpayers more than its worth


— Jane Hicks

How long is the wind industry going to be carried on the backs of the American taxpayers?

The taxpayer pays federal taxes. The production tax credit is a tax write-off for big investors in the wind industry. One notable investor admits he uses the PTC to lower his taxes: “We get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That’s the only reason to build them”

Do you think the production tax credit ended Dec. 31, 2013? Wrong. Our politicians loopholed an extension in before the policy ended to protect projects in the works. Still going on until Dec. 31, 2015.

The taxpayer pays state taxes. State taxes help to feed state incentives and tax credits and grants which help to encourage wind farms to build in the state.

Continue reading Greenwich Wind Farm costing taxpayers more than its worth

According to WindLab’s report, 298(?) homes will be affected by “flicker”


But they deny home owners  an easily understandable method to identify how their own homes will be impacted ! Upon closer look at maps provided by Windlab, there are some blatant discrepancies noted. Some of these discrepancies (while not limited to) are as follows:

Flicker signd01

Click on picture to enlarge

1. Properties that are in the impact area are not being shown 2. Wrong turbines are being listed as affecting house # 272 concerning flicker ( this being the case, how many other errors could there possibly be?). And how does the OPSB correctly assess the information presented to them seeing that none of the board members are from the area being reviewed? These questions are being raised from information contained in Exhibit P of the “Shadow Flicker Report” filed ( 01/24/13) with the OPSB  case document section.

To view the maps of the “Shadow Flicker Report” click here  Maps will be on pages 33-34.

Also… see the “OPSB flicker” link below to see the letter sent by Chairman of Greenwich Neighbors United, Kevin Ledet to the Ohio Power Siting Board, as well as to the two non voting members  Senators  Bill Seitz and Michael Skindell,  outlining theses issues. The letter will be opened in your default word processor.

OPSB flicker

Iberdrola, EverPower, NextEra, Apex, Swift Current…they are all talking to your Representatives…Are You?