Please visit the OPSB case file website and file a comment to combat Apex ad blitz

If you have been watching the OPSB case file dockets for the Republic Wind or Emerson Creek Wind projects you without a doubt have seen the letters submitted that support these projects. They are always have the exact same wording and typically come from people that either live inside incorporated villages, towns, or cities or the people live nowhere near the projects footprint.

APEX is apparently running targeted ads that with two clicks will take you to their form/chain letter that you can submit to the OPSB with very little effort. Apex Ohio has spent nearly $11,000 in the last year plus in Facebook targeted advertisements trying to buy additional support.

There are very few supporters over the last 1.5 years that have actually submitted comments that they themselves have written. This just goes to show you that APEX will spend countless dollars to try and drum up any support regardless of where it comes from and the validity of the supports content.

What a complete joke! We apologize that we do not have the funds nor the resources to be able to offer this kind of opportunity to you the overwhelming opposition. Instead you must actually visit the OPSB case file website and file a comment the conventional way. Here are the links to do so:

— 17-2295-EL-BGN: Republic Wind Farm (APEX)

— 18-1607-EL-BGN: Emerson Creek Wind Farm (APEX)

— 19-1831-EL-BGN Seneca Wind (sPower)