Public Hearing for the Emerson Creek Wind Project, covering parts of Erie and Huron counties

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WednesdayMarch 18, 2020, beginning at  3 p.m., at the Bellevue Veterans of Foreign Wars, 6104 US-20 Bellevue, Ohio

All area residents are urged to attend this meeting.  This is your chance to be seen and heard!!

The Public Hearing is your chance to provide your thoughts, on the record, about the project.  Area residents can provide input on anything they wish about the project, but we recommend the comments you make connect someway with the seven criteria the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) is eventually going to use to make it’s decision on the project.  These seven criteria are set by state law. They are:

“(1) The nature of the probable environmental impact;


(2) That the facility represents the minimum adverse environmental impact, considering the state of available technology and the nature and economics of the various alternatives, and other pertinent considerations;


(3) In the case of an electric transmission line or generating facility, that the facility is consistent with regional plans for expansion of the electric power grid of the electric systems serving this state and interconnected utility systems and that the facility will serve the interests of electric system economy and reliability;


(4) That the facility will comply with Chapters 3704., 3734., and 6111. of the Revised Code and all rules and standards adopted under those chapters and under sections 1501.33,1501.34, and 4561.32 of the Revised Code. In determining whether the facility will comply with all rules and standards adopted under section 4561.32 of the Revised Code, the board shall consult with the office of aviation of the division of multi-modal planning and programs of the department of transportation under section 4561.341 of the Revised Code.


(5) That the facility will serve the public interest, convenience, and necessity;


(6) In addition to the provisions contained in divisions (A)(1) to (6) of this section and rules adopted under those divisions, what its impact will be on the viability as agricultural land of any land in an existing agricultural district established under Chapter 929. of the Revised Code that is located within the site and alternative site of the proposed major utility facility. Rules adopted to evaluate impact under division (A)(7) of this section shall not require the compilation, creation, submission, or production of any information, document, or other data pertaining to land not

located within the site and alternative site.


(7) That the facility incorporates maximum feasible water conservation practices as determined by the board, considering available technology and the nature and economics of the various alternatives.”

As you can see, these seven criteria are very subjective and broad, allowing for many examples to be introduced.   Any of you who have questions, or would like assistance can contact Walt Poffenbaugh at (419) 722-9188 or Dennis Schreiner at (419) 271-4601.