Reschedule public meeting Per Ohio power siting board

***Emerson Creek Wind Project ALERT***

“The Ohio Power Siting Board has issued an order directing that another public information meeting will be scheduled and held regarding the Emerson Creek Wind Farm.” “It is of note that on November 20, 2018, the Board received a public comment filed by Deborah Hay of Seneca County. Ms. Hay alleges that Apex employees requested sheriff deputies make her leave from the premises of the public informational meeting held on November 15, 2018. Ms. Hay further states that sheriff deputies were polite and explained that because this was a private venue, Apex had the authority to make her leave.A video of the alleged incident has been provided as part of public comments, and the video appears to corroborate Ms. Hay’s public comment. Ohio Adm.Code 4906-3-06(B) states the“applicant shall conduct at least one informational meeting open to the public.” [Emphasis added]. Therefore, the Applicant is directed to ensure that the additional public informational meeting held pursuant to Paragraph 8 of this Entry is compliant with Ohio Adm.Code 4906-3-06(B) and open to the public.”

OPSB Document Links: SAWU YouTube Video that show incident:

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