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Wind projects must submit the locations of each turbine to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for their review. The FAA then makes these locations known to the public by posting them on their website. They then allow a certain period for public comments.   When Republic Wind LLC submitted their locations, they mislabeled them as being near Bellevue instead of Tiffin and Fremont where our regional airports are located. 

Since there are no airports in Bellevue the FAA report was pretty much ignored by Sandusky and Seneca County residents. This may have led the FAA to believe that no one has concerns about the turbines and their effect on local aviation.

This issue has been brought to the attention of the Ohio Dept of Transportation Office of Aviation which advises the Ohio Power Siting Board on wind project aviation concerns. The Ohio office now wants to hear from anyone who did not express concerns about the Republic Wind project turbine’s effects on aviation because they did not realize the locations labeled Bellevue were in fact the Republic Wind turbines.

We are asking as many people as possible to email: 

Let them know you are very concerned about the Republic Wind project’s effects on our County airports, in which we have invested $millions of dollars. Our airports were built and are maintained for the economic benefits it brings to our counties. Allowing an outside corporation to degrade its safety and usefulness is unacceptable. We are also extremely concerned about the safety hazard the turbines will cause air ambulances and agricultural aerial application in and near the project. Many businesses bring people in for meetings at those airports. These turbines will affect flight paths making it impossible to land under certain weather conditions.

Also, it’s important to note that you would have stated your concerns sooner but were confused by the “Bellevue” label.

These emails must be sent as soon as possible to have the desired effect. A sample email from a local resident is below. Please express your concerns in your own words though.

Thank you for your support,


To: ODOT Office of Aviation 

I just read that the massive turbines proposed for FAA approval in Bellevue are actually the turbines proposed for the Republic Wind LLC, case # 17-2295-EL-BGN, at the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB). Although Bellevue was listed as the location there are grave concerns this will impact the Sandusky County and Seneca County Airport operations. Since Bellevue was listed as the location, little concern was given regarding these two area airports located near Fremont and Tiffin. I am very opposed to degrading our airports and airstrips in Sandusky and Seneca county with these massive turbines.  

According to the OPSB Staff Report on pages 68 and 69 there are numerous concerns of these turbines impacting flight paths and limiting aerial operations.

The OPSB report can be found here: 

I have attached information from the national aerial applicators with concerns about aerial application. We own some crop land along with some of our family. There are times when aerial application must be applied. Some of the larger farmers rely on the aerial application for cover crops. Cover crops are essential in preventing excessive runoff of pollutants from the fields, which cause green algae in Lake Erie. This spring many fields were so wet that aerial application of seeds was the only option. 

This is a serious concern for community and its economic vitality. 

Thank you for your consideration in the matter,

Deb  Hay, address………