The wind industry is quietly working to try and shorten industrial wind turbine setbacks in the State of Ohio!!!
COLUMBUS, OHIO – Yesterday, April 11th 2019 The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) had Dayna Baird Payne, president of Government Edge (see photos), provide testimony on behalf of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). The testimony (multiple links below) was provided to the House Finance Agriculture, Development and Natural Resources Subcommittee for consideration of House Bill 166 which is a budget bill.
“I am here today to respectfully request that House Bill 166 be amended to return the property line wind turbine setback to its original distance of 1.1 times the height of a turbine from base to vertical blade tip,” she said.
Payne told Rep. O’Brien that she isn’t aware of the reasoning behind making the setbacks longer (in 2014), saying it was added to an unrelated bill at the last minute without a hearing or testimony. She said the current setbacks are effectively a “moratorium” on wind development.
Payne said that farmers can farm right underneath a windmill, right up to the base. She also said that she’s not aware of any safety issues arising from wind turbines.
We have included a visual representation of Current (what we want to maintain) vs. Their Proposed Setbacks (what the Wind Industry wants)
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mrs. Payne “forgot” to mention to these Ohio Reps. that there is currently a vehicle in place for the wind industry to secure locations desired for their industrial wind turbines. This can be done via a “setback waiver” AKA “Good Neighbor Agreement”. This is where individuals living within a proposed project’s footprint waive the states siting law (1,125 feet from the tip of the turbine blade at ninety degrees from the nearest adjacent property line or about 1,300 ft) and allow the wind companies to site these 600+ ft tall wind turbines even closer (less than 1300 ft) to their homes. Signing this agreement typically comes with minimal compensation that ranges between $500 – $2000 annually and waiving many rights that landowners are afforded by the US Constitution.
We are asking you to please contact your State Elected Officials today to let them know that this testimony is not the whole truth. There is another version which is why we formed this SAWU group in Seneca County and why we have the overwhelming support that we do. These current setbacks are in place to protect our property rights and the safety of our families. Granting the wind industry their wishes would allow them to utilize trespass zoning over our properties without compensation.
Rep Bill Reineke (88th District which includes: Sandusky and Seneca Counties):
– Email:
– Phone: (614) 466-1374
State Senator Dave Burke (26 district which includes: Crawford, Marion, Morrow, Sandusky, Seneca, Union, and Wyandot Counties): 
– Email:
– Phone: (614) 466-8049
Here is a link to the video clip as well:
– Her testimony starts at: 1 Hour 2 Minutes and 22 Seconds
– Her testimony ends at: 1 Hour 21 Minutes 41 Seconds
– Link to her written and submitted testimony: